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Concern about Jens Büchner's political emigrant

A farewell to a politician emigrant: Jens Büchner, known as "Goodbye Germany", died at 49 years of age.

source: MG RTL D / 99 of the media

Daniela and Jens Büchner were among the candidates in "Sommerhaus der Stars" this year.

source: MG RTL D / Bernd-Michael Maurer

At the beginning of 2017, Jens Büchner came into the "jungle camp" RTL – with a beloved secret pillow in his arm.

source: RTL / Stefan Menne

In the summer of 2017 Jens Büchner married his girlfriend Daniela Karabas. Together they lived in Mallorca.

source: Stefanie Schumacher / 99promediaGmhH

With the Sangria bucket in the jungle: Jens Büchner was one of twelve "IBES" 2017 seasonal candidates.

source: Stamp RTL / Ruprecht

In the latest episode of "Goodbye Deutschland!" Jens and Danni Büchner (on the right) could farewell to Joelina's daughter (the second in the right) at the airport. Currently the girl works as an AuPair in Ireland.

source: MG RTL D / 99 of the media

They had the most important tour: "Malle-Jens" traveled Jens Büchner with the Daniela woman to Portugal in the "Soimmerhaus der Stars".

source: MG RTL D / Max Kohr

Maleter-Jens and Faneteria were awarded equity 50,000 euros in Mallorca. In the end, the gastro project grew over his head, complained.

source: MG RTL D / 99pro Media

A polarized man: Jens Büchner, a new type of television star.

source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Polarized Jens Büchner: The "German Fun" emigrant was regularly ahead – privately or professionally. But he was still up and fighting again.

source: VOX / 99pro media

Like "Malle-Jens", Jens Büchner made his career as a ballermann singer.

source: VOX / 99pro media

Jens Büchner's famous television emigrant has died. "Goodbye Germany" has died after a short, serious illness in Mallorca.

For a long time he did not feel well. Anyone who started on the VOX "Goodbye Deutschland" program could see a week ago. Jens Büchner, who had become famous through the popular emigrant documentary, spoke hard to the camera. There were seven days of hospital because of stomach ulcer lying behind it.

The future of the stress fan cafe on Majorca: uncertain. He was "ready for the bastard," said the "Malle-Jens" television expressions with a famous mood. Nevertheless, he did not want to be careful. Just a few days after the broadcast, Jens Büchner died during a stay on the Balearic Islands for unknown reasons. He was 49 years old.

"We have received the sad news that Jens Büchner died after a short, serious illness," said VOX press officer Julia Kikillis, opposite "image". "The whole station, and especially our shooting team, has been with his family over his seven years over Germany's Fun and who has nurturing a close relationship during that time, you are deeply surprised and you need to know Jens as a person with rough edges – but also a very good heart. Our real condolences are now above all Danni's wife, children and all the family, who have lost Jens too soon and who we now want a lot of strength. "

For days, fans of the "cultural emigrant" had sailed, after Jens Büchner's wife, Daniela reported that her husband's health status was "critical", that the doctors tried to "make the most of their personal lives". That sounded dramatically, but it stimulated a mixed echo in social media. The family just wanted to make it important again, many of them. In a year where the candidate before casting out, Daniel Küblböck, had disappeared from the cruise ship and star of reality, Sarah Knappik, who had a lot of help ("no one was interested in us") to talk , that's really.

Real star through the world, and that's also Jens Büchner. In 2010, he emigrated to Majorca with his partner, Jennifer Matthias, and his son, from Bad Schmiedeberg in Saxony-Anhalt. A year later, he appeared for the first time in a series of "Goodbye Germany", a series that wants to document the reboot of Germans abroad, but also produces "stars" as Daniela Katzenberger – or Jens Büchner.

The viewers were able to watch the guys, how he swam with different business ventures and finally succeeded as a ballermann singer. "Malle-Jens," says the name of wet-happy fighting, separated from Jennifer and married Daniela in a patchwork home. It was entertaining disorganized there. If the landlord did not travel in other matters. He took part in the "Perfect Dinner" and looked more than conversations on "DSDS". In January 2017, he took part in the famous RTL jungle cut "I'm a star – try me out here!" Part (sixth place), in 2018 he moved with a wife to "the summer house of the stars". The exciting look was not there. He had "paid in cash" for his Mercedes, "the hopper noted a polarized format, thanks to the jungle loan.

The free mouth and unexpected nature, a beautiful mix of naivety and computation was Jens Büchner's trademark. They made it an example of the new "star" type, which creates no distance, which is hostile and likes as the funny friend next door.

Jens Büchner leaves his wife Daniela, three children who came to the marriage, shared twins and three other children of previous relatives.

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