Monday , September 20 2021

Dismissal resignation at the National Security Council in Bernie Amstutz?

The Berne SVP relaxes the term for its elected officials. It aims to pave the way for the national adviser Adrian Amstutz, if he so wishes, to become reelected.

Adrian Amstuts (SVP) resigned? His Berne Cantonal Party chose the term of mandate holders so their flagship could compete again.

In the upcoming National Council elections, Canton Bern has less than one seat. The national party, Hansruedi Wandfluh, said on Monday evening in front of delegates in Belp that, in order for the party to be able to defend its place, she needed a design horse with great potential for voting.

He requested that, in some cases, the party could obtain the cancellation of the limitation period by a two-thirds majority.

Controversial discussions

Delegates controversially discussed the proposal: "At that time, a term was introduced in order not to have glue for an armchair and give the boy an opportunity to climb up," the delegate said.

Another noticed that it has long been known that Adrian Asthtoz stopped and that no alternative could be built. "Then we will have no one in four years", – summed up the delegate.

Amstud decides a few days later

The amst spent a few days thinking of the time. He himself went to the match during the debate and left the hall. When he returned after the decision, the delegates received an ovation.

He was preparing for retirement. A new starting position now puts its plans a bit on the edge. He asked to understand that he could smell for a few more days.

Woman from Bal-Vernie at the same time

At present, the SVP leaves the list for the National Council for the Amstutz election. Open second place is Nadia Gunter, wife of a former Swiss bulldozer.

Berne's national election campaign is rising with party vice president Werner Saltzmann. He was nominated by acclamation.

BDP wants to defend the place

Currently, two seats of the Council of States are held by Hans Stocklie (SP) and Werner Lugbinbull (BDP). Stöckli wants to be reelected next fall. Last week, Lugbinbull announced that he would not work again. BDP wants to stand up for Bern Finance Director Beatrice Simon.

For the FDP, the national adviser, Crist MARKWALDER, should be raised for the sign, for Green Regula Ritz, for the GLP national adviser, Catherine Burchie. Marianne Striff-Feller is ready for the EPP. (SD)

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