Monday , September 20 2021

Flash memory prices can be halved by 2019

More and more devices such as computers or laptops use solid state drives (SSDs) as data warehouses instead of conventional hard drives today. As manufacturers have increased the production of flash memory for many years, but the sales of phones equipped with such media have not increased so much last year, prices for flash memories are also falling. Therefore, several manufacturers have already begun to reduce capital expenditures, according to a new study by Dramexchange.

However, according to market researchers, the NAND Flash offer is clearly in excess of demand, so prices are expected to continue to fall during this year. Back in October last year, Dramexchange analysts predicted a drop in prices by 15-20 percent; they now revised upward. Thus, in the first quarter of 2019, prices for a NAND flash should not be reduced, as expected, by 10%, but by about 20%. In the second quarter, it is expected that the price collapse will be about 15%, and in the last two quarters – about 10%. The price of a flash memory for the whole year can be almost halved.

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