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Ice hockey in Switzerland turns into circles – Sports News: Ice Hockey

The National League is a successful story about which ice hockey and Swiss are many of the envy. There is no European league attracting so much publicity, the local competition is thriving, and it's also interesting in sport. Unlike football, since CC Basel has been monitored and it seems that YB has now taken this role, no team lies over a long period. Yes, there are some great ones like the SC Bern Lions and the ZSC Lions, but those who work well, like the Trophy Team, will be rewarded. The alliance is balanced and exciting.

Part of this formula for success is the rule that each team can use a maximum of four foreigners. This means that they play an important role ideally, but the strong core of Switzerland is crucial to success. Increase to six foreigners would be significant, making this structure unbalanced. Even if the bidders claim that there would be only additional players to the discounted price. But what, if in January in the KHL, is the main foreign countries for free, which could make the difference in the playoff? Which sports director would not get there? And then lowering the salary, or rising costs?

If a Swiss Swiss was refused on the ice age after going to the National League, that would be dead.

Six foreign countries mean, for example: goal, two defender, three strikers. It is quite possible that foreigners will be only the Powerplay on the ice. Would Jérôme Bachofner and Raphael Prassl play in the ZSC at the beginning of the season, should the two foreigners have used them? It's probably not. And that would have been a pity. If a Swiss Swiss was refused on the ice age after going to the National League, that would be dead. Who should invest millions more in the elderly, if it is cheaper to Slovakia or Norway?

Ice hockey in Switzerland turns into a circle. CEB Marc Lüthi called for CEO for ten years over ten years ago, at the time five instead of four. And flash off. It will also be subject this time. But its initiative shows a fundamental problem: the focus on short-term solutions. Instead of negotiating foreigners, discuss how to expand the base of Swiss and Swiss citizens. This may not bring any title of today's championship or financial relief, but in the long run the sport will continue to be so dear to many in this country.

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