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New York Stock Stocks Collection: Losses – Apple and Real Estate Concerns | 11/19/18

NEW YORK (awp international) – Wall Street was pressed on Monday by soft continuous technology and weak real estate market signals. Lead index Dow Jones Industrial lost 1.56 percent to 25 017.44 points at the beginning of Thanksgiving week. He went back to the month each month, but he could hold a little higher than the mark of 25 000 points.

On the broad market, S & P 500 dropped 1.66 percent to 2690.73 points. Even stronger technology stocks fell sharply, with speculation about the renewal of Apple's weak demand and implications for the subcontracting industry causing concern. Their Nasdaq 100 selection index has slipped 3.26 percent to 6642.92 points.

It was not very good that the NAHB domestic market index decreased in November to its lowest level since August 2016. According to market observers, this reminded investors of the impact of the rising interest rates of the United States. After the last two friendly days with a temporary hope to answer the trade dispute between the United States and China, the Asia-Pacific annual summit had also been denied at the weekend.

Investors were not very pleased that the situation on the US housing market had declined in November. The sensation barometer given by NAHB, the national organization of housing companies, has fallen sharply to the lowest level since August 2016. Market observers found it as a result of raising interest rates the United States, which had a negative impact on investors.

After the last two friendly days with a temporary hope for a solution to the commercial conflicts, he had also given a weekend recovery in the Asia-Pacific annual summit. The meeting in Papua New Guinea ended on Sunday in dispute and with joint allegations. For the first time, the heads of state and government of the Asian Pacific Pacific Pacific (Apec) were not able to agree a joint statement.

On Apple, it was down just under 4 percent, as the evidence regrets that the new iPhone models are less popular than what is expected. Apple has been in recent weeks, the "Wall Street Journal" wrote the production orders for both top XS and XS Max models as well as the XR a bit cheaper. Apple shares took its lowest level since July.

Looking at Apple's supply chain, this has led to a slip in the price of a number of stocks. For Lumentum suppliers, for example, according to WSJ report, it was down 5 per cent to the lowest level direction last week since February 2017. This was achieved as a result of annual targets pen.

Due to the mood in technology supplies generally in the basement, it also showed on Monday, again, the non-fleint shares of Nvidia. A graphic card expert also had a disappointing preview on the fourth quarter recently. As soon as Friday, they dropped by 19 per cent, they now fall again by 12 per cent of their lowest level since July 2017.

In general, the sales on Nasdaq were also reflected in Internet and software stocks, which were substantially down. Some of the Facebook social networks and the Netflix online streaming service lost much more than 5 per cent. Title of software providers Even Adobe and Workday have dropped up to 8 percent.

Only on Monday by Boeing that Dow Apple's price losses were reduced – with a 4.5 per cent discount. There was no real price price news with the aircraft maker, but the papers could not escape from their negative spray in recent days. They have now closed the eighth day of consecutive trading with losses and have reached their lowest level since April.

The US government bonds remained stable in the weak equity environment. Ten-year bonds for Trends remained unchanged at 100 points 17/32. They pay 3.06 per cent. The euro stayed on a recovery route at the beginning of the week, with $ 1.1452 most recently traded. The European Central Bank (ECB) had set the referral rate at the beginning of the week in 1.1427 (Friday: 1.1346). The dollar had cost 0.8751 (0.8814) euros./tih/he

— Gan Timo Hausdorf, dpa AFX —

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