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NLB-Herbstmeister is Floorball Basel Regio! – Club Report – Contribution

Basel Regio continued the last pools of the last weekend of the winning streak: Even in the highest fight against the third floor balls that Thurgau is located showing the Basler no tags. After a shortfall of 0: 1 in the first third, there is 3: 1 leadership and another third champion in the third, they use the third third sovereign of their empowers and decide on the important game with 6: 3 for themselves.

Even before starting the game, just after the warming, Basel coach, Antti Peiponen, pointed out that his team was not ready for the game again. Assessment, also split by the captain. This should be true in the first third. The Basler was never dangerous before the objector's goal. It seemed that the home team did not have the necessary energy and decision. But also, Turgau's floorball was not really better and playing rather stopped it and to wait instead. However, the guests scored 17 minutes in the game 0: 1. This was also the third result.

Peiponen saw clear words about his team's performance during the break: "We are currently 60-70% of normal level, so today will not be! This is a home game and a big fight, & # 39 ; n must become more! "Even after the coach's appeal, the Basel game was more" cramping "to start as an eye candy, but the home team had done everything right before I was there; The goal opposes more often Vojtisek, who brought the ball over the Thurgauer goal line in the third attempt two minutes later that was the same Vojtisek, who even hit the leader 2 -1. Finally, the UBR train interfered. Energy, enthusiasm and appearance One of the leaders of the league was visible in the field, with C. Mendelin scoring 3: 1 in the top corner of the field, but Basel's side was too early at the break and scored two goals in the second half: 3rd

Not only did the viewers think they would return more of the dressing room: the Thurgauer, who had scored two goals before the break, or the Basler, who had to accept the extinguished after the forefront. The Basler was now operating more prominent and sovereign, the Thurgauer in turn collecting a penalty for a penalty. In the style of a real team, then the Powerplay Basler made the difference. Once again this was the outstanding Vojtisek, with the goals of number 3 and 4 of the night, taking advantage of the majority of Basel and increased to 5: 3. The last goal on the opponent's empty goal, P. Mendelin was granted to 6: 3-Schlusstand.

Basel Regio is now at the end of the first round "Herbstmeister". After eleven playgroups, the Basler is one point ahead of Ad Astra Sarnen (and four in front of the third Ticino floor ball). The next Saturday (24.11.18, 16:00 clock) meets the Basler at home at the sports sand ponds at the bottom of the Grünenmatt board. On Sunday (25.11.2018, 18:00 clock) it comes off to the highest battle against Ad Astra Sarnen.

Unihockey Basel Regio – Floorball Thurgau 6: 3 (0: 1, 3: 2, 3: 0)

Sandpits, Basel. 184 viewers. SR Brunner / Büschlen.

gates: 18. S. Lienert (J. Königshofer) 0: 1. 26. T. Vojtisek (P.Mendelin) 1: 1. 28. T. Vojtisek 2: 1. 32. C. Mendelin (F. Plozza) 3: 1. 38. Y. Fitzi 3: 2. 40. S. Beerli (J. Königshofer) 3: 3. 43. T. Vojtisek (P. Mendelin) 4: 3. 44. T. Vojtisek (D. Kramer) 5 : 3. 59. P. Mendelin 6: 3.

punish: 1 time 2 minutes against Basel Regio. 4 times 2 minutes against Floorball Thurgau.

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