Tuesday , June 15 2021

Shiffrin Holdener faces the sun constantly

Wendy Holdener has been on the podium 17 times in slalom. But there is not enough victory. Especially because of Mikaela Shiffrin.

How long do Wendy Holdener (25) have to be patient? She was often on the podium slalom, but never at the top! Nine times second, eight times third. He has never been like him in the ski history.

For a long time, everyone would enjoy the first slalom victory, even Mikaela Shiffrin (23), his biggest competitor. "I would like to congratulate Wendy," said the zig-zag queen. In seven of the nine occasions, Shiffrin stopped the success of Slalom Holdener. "Without Shiffrin, I would have won a few more races, but I'm not bitter about it," said Wendy.

«Feeling very good»

In Levi (Fi) there is a next opportunity for the desirable prize. It can be optimistic. Although she was not fully satisfied with the training in the north. "It was not all. During the first few days of arrival the conditions were difficult, so I had to fight. But after that I felt very good. "

One way or another: Tenant knows what change she needs to change on a racing day. However, the question of how much risk is to take. "In practice, I drive in two runs on the limit. But not in competition.»

The problem is obvious. In the "discipline" the Slalom trust comes only with good results. At the same time, very small errors often mean the end. Once too early? Threaded. Once the focus is too far behind? Danseilio. Once there is too much pressure on the inside skiing? Slip.
This does not apply to Holdener only. Most would be glad to be as fast as the Combined World Champion. Holdener, however, strives himself to the best – to Shiffrin.

«Shiffrin is even more stable»

"You have to look at the technology, not on the driving style. That's the way to make comparisons," says Holdener. "And I saw that she was even more stable." She worked on it in the summer. "I'm a little higher now and has fewer angles in the hip." So she can – with the same risk of default – the limit is even more searching.

However, Shiffrin should continue to measure everything in Lefi, she wants to see her victory of 33 slalom. If the others once again wait the pig, Holdener will not be desperate. "That's not my case," she explains, "I never give her the best."

In these World Cup slaloms, Wendy came second

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