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Swisscom accidentally removes photos and videos from customers


Irretrievably lost: Violation of data in MyCloud's Swisscom telecommunication giant's data storage led to the deletion of personal data. It affects hundreds of users.

Festive memories, wedding photos or important certificates and diplomas of hundreds of Swiss are lost forever. The telecommunications giant confirms Tages-Anzeiger that the company apparently has deleted its customers data "mistakenly and irrevocably."

Damaged internal MyCloud storage. Today MyCloud stores more than 400,000 private photos and videos from Switzerland. The problem is completely independent, says Swisscom "Tages-Anzeiger". One regrets this extremely. "This is an error that occurred during the internal development of the software component".

Swisscom promises financial compensation

Because many customers were affected, Swisscom probably did not want to claim. She talks about "several hundred MyCloud users." The removal should have occurred about two weeks ago. Perhaps the computer script has become self-employed.

But instead of publicly reporting on the bug, the company decided, according to "Tages-Anzeiger," to notify affected customers by phone. In private conversations, customers were informed about deleted files. For this, Swisscom was to offer its customers financial compensation of up to 50 francs.

Already the second breakdown data

Also, the amount of deleted data was precisely what Swisscom did not want to declare in Tages-Anzeiger. On average, only about a percentage of data per customer was affected by the deletion. The bandwidth of the affected data was, however, large.

This is the second serious data breach in Swisscom, which has recently become known. By the end of 2017, Swisscom has determined that 800,000 private customers, such as names, addresses, date of birth and telephone numbers, have fallen into someone else's hands, including the CEO of Swisscom Urs Schäppi. The Swisscom, and the affiliate company, suffered from a leak. Company name is unknown till today. (CCA)

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