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The Gist Out – Like the Italian Machos – Sports News: Wintersport

At first, he thought it was an hocus-potus. And today she gets daunting when thinking about it. In January, Ramon Zenhäusern sat with sports psychologists. He said to him: "The Olympic slalom will take place at 22.2. Instead, you're 2 meters high. You'll finish in the second place." Pyeongchang was able to do what barely anyone thought – Zenhäusern was getting money.

The winning of Valais medals may have been an idea. On the one hand. On the other hand, this is the end of the incredible development in the Swiss bar acrobatics team. The slalom, who has been disciplined by the men for decades, has only won 13 of 480 World Cup races in Switzerland, and no one has won more than twice.

But now, looking at the world, Daniel Yule is ranked 5th, Zenhäusern in the 6th, Luca Aerni in the 12th century and Loïc Meillard (19th) and Marc Rochat (28th) in the top 30 reveals two things: Never Previously, the Swiss-Ski slalom team has been so compact at a high level. Only Austria has listed higher in the global hierarchy, the Italians, Italians and the French have been too long to have been closer or less clearly.

The Swiss had to sink low until the society responded

In 2012, no Swiss did the second round at Kitzbühel. The team arrived zero and the society had made mistakes, and coaches confirms behind closed doors. When the damage occurred, Swiss-ski responded and intensified the slalom promotion. Chief coach Tom Stauffer said he had worked consistently in the right direction over the past four years, "and if he did not get right, we would not just throw it to pieces". Small training groups were formed, the motto was: responding to individual needs. For example, Ramon Zenhäusern re-leaves the camp in New Zealand in the summer, the long journey does not get the big one. Instead he trained with the home trainer Didier Plaschy on the Valais glaciers.

Matteo Joris has played a significant role in the increase. Since 2015, the Italian has been responsible for the slalom group. He has not forgotten how the athletes did not have self-confidence how negative their body language was. "They did themselves less than they were effective." They were a little dissatisfied, then, the talents, because a locomotive was missing. "We did not know where we were standing after the internal times, because none of us belonged to their first class," said Luca Aerni. Loïc Meillard goes further, saying that the team has died a few years ago. «We had a boring image. But we may have to sink so low that he has responded to a final. "

Aerni has registered a change. "It used to be called: What do you want slalomlers here? Today we are more respected." As a success factor, we call the harmony between coaches, athletes, people service and medical department, which was not always given.

Favorable prospects, none are in the second half of the career

Decided, however, is group dynamics. Aerni, Rochat and Zenhäusern had already trained with children as children in the Valais Regional Association. There is now a group of drivers belonging to one generation, between 22 and 26 years old – the composition is unique across countries. Zenhäusern says: "There's a decline in it". The athletes are going on well and competitors. The constitution was created deliberately by Stauffer to highlight drivers to regular comparisons, constant pressure. There are different characters: Yule, the Leader, who sometimes complain to the coaches. Zenhäusern, the cross-head, who goes his own way. Aerni, the happy nature, is the contact element. Meillard, the distress, with incredible great self-confidence.

Video: The Swiss Gold Team congratulated as many Korean volunteers

Four times, Switzerland was on the slalom last winter, after almost eight years before no-one succeeded. Already in the tough times, Stauffer had highlighted the team's potential, but was not always taken, sometimes laughter. It was hard for some to run the training performances in the race for a long time. Joris was trying to spray the drivers with an Italian macho attitude. "They have learned to be more confident in their work and to throw the fear of failure. The motto is now: kick out!" The greatest athlete is a mental trainer and is, investment in the career, as it was formed by Zen houses.

High power density

The progress is remarkable, the power density at the top of the world without any other discipline is so high. Even small ski resorts such as the British, Russians and Japan are present in this area, because they can train differently than for example, the departure is easy and inexpensive. However, the prospects are good for Switzerland, but none of them are still the second half of the career. And with the result of today's appeal in Levi, Reto Schmidiger and Sandro Simonet could also reach the top 30 of the list and start. So, it is not surprising that there are considerations to remove the criteria for a World Cup qualification to avoid over-supply. In terms of equal opportunities, there will be two things in the top 15 but also this season will be enough.

Eighteen years have passed since Marc Gini was rewarding the slalom for the last time. Although Marcel Hirscher and Henrik Kristoffersen are finally in their own league, it seems that the end of the dry chair is in sight. Even without a snack-potato. (

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