Monday , August 2 2021

The Japanese culture muji band comes to Switzerland

Now the Japanese blow to attack Switzerland. The Muji retail chain is expected to open next shop next year at the Glattzentrum.

There's one very big! The Japanese Muji retail chain will expand to Switzerland next year, as reported by "Schweiz am Wochenende". By the beginning of 2019, Ryohin Keikaku's parent company wants to find Muji Switzerland AG for market access. This reads in a message published in Japan.

As the newspaper writes on the basis of trusted sources, Muji will open its first 1000 square meter store next October at the shopping center, Glatt, the largest shopping center in Switzerland. If this is reached by a Swiss user, it is likely that further plans are planned.

800 branches in over 25 countries

The offer should contain almost all the range and traditionally cover all areas of life: fashion, stationery, office supplies, cosmetics, food, home appliances and furniture accessories. Muji operates around 800 branches worldwide and has 3,500 workers in more than 25 countries. Turnover is around 3.5 billion euros annually.

Swiss market is attractive, writes Muji. The country is well known for its neutralism and has the second highest CMC per head. Not only has Japan's noticed. But also the great Austrian furniture XXXLutz and the great decathlon of French sports goods, which has bought all the Athleticum stores. (Pfu)

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