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The knife attack on Utoquai was not self-defense


After a knife attack on the quay of Lake Zurich last summer, a crowd of policemen and medical staff was attacked during a rescue operation. Now this knife is made.

Tom Felber

A walk on the shore of Lake Bellevue in Zurich has become a hot spot. Again and again, it's about the collision. Therefore, the police noted a greater presence on weekends. (Image: Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ)

A walk on the shore of Lake Bellevue in Zurich has become a hot spot. Again and again, it's about the collision. Therefore, the police noted a greater presence on weekends. (Image: Christoph Ruckstuhl / NZZ)

On Saturday, August 18, last year, strikes on Utokai made headlines. Not least because the 18-year-old Palestinian stateless person was deadly wounded, but because paramedics and police were repeatedly attacked during a rescue operation at the scene by some masked strangers in FCZ fan clothes with bottles and stones. Attacks hit two policemen. It was about irritating gas and water cannon inserts. A crowd of several hundred spectators shared with the robbers and participated in the riots.

The beginning of events marks the confrontation between the two groups of youth: on the one hand, the Dominicans, and on the other – the Arabs. The 20-year-old Dominican is now around a year as a defendant before the district court of Zurich. Nevertheless, the talks can not explain why the two groups started in the summer in the summer, as well as not about the riots of the crowd. This mainly concerns the question of whether the Dominican attack on the Palestinian knife was self-defense or not.

Unclear motive

During the trial, all parties in the courtroom again and again emphasize one fact: although more than 20 people were questioned about the facts after the events, their statements made more confusion than the explanation of the bloody act, because they were all so different and even the opposite. What caused the clash between these two groups, who wanted to have fun in the evening around 11 o'clock at the seafront of the Zurich Lake, remains in the dark. Disputes began with destruction, bullying and fists.

The accused Dominicans first escaped after the incident. But he was arrested for several weeks, and is now sitting in the early prison system. In the indictment, he was charged with three accusations in which, according to him, two opponents were injured: the first victim he was supposed to beat in the genital area, and later he hit the forearm with a knife. According to participants' statements, blood was supposed to be introduced "as a fountain". With a hunting knife of 11.5 inches in length, he hit the Palestinian at least once in his back. This puncture caused 12-centimeter damage to the left shoulder blade, fracture of the edges, pneumothorax of the left lung and trauma to the pelvis.

The assault on the foot gives the accused who has experience in martial arts, in court it was done not against the genital organs, but against the belly of the enemy, and this is in self-defense. He did not have a cut on the forearm for the victim. He did not know who it was. The blow in the back recognizes the Dominicans, but it was done in self-defense. The Palestinians attacked him with a broken bottle. So he panicked and only defended himself. During the investigation, the accused stated that he deliberately left a knife in the back of the victim so that he would not die to death.

Many different allegations

The prosecutor demands imprisonment for 7.5 years for attempted murder and multiple simple assaults, as well as 10 years for repatriation. Although there were a lot of participants and witnesses, this is, after all, "classical four-eye injustice," she says. The conclusion of many interrogations was a consolation; statements simply did not agree. It involves the defendant responsible that he has already recognized the use of a knife when there was no evidence against him. It was only a contingent intention that clearly exceeded the limits of justification for self-defense.

Attorneys of two wounded apply for benefits in the amount of 30,000 francs and 3,000 francs. The defender stands for justification. The confrontation of up to 20 people was completely unclear and dynamic. The Palestinians shouted "like a blind man" with a broken bottle ran to the Dominican Republic. The accused suggested that the enemy wanted to kill him. For him it was vitally important to fight the knife. He defended himself from attack. In the case of a conviction, the attorney is in favor of deprivation of liberty for a term up to 18 months. Because this is the case of difficulties, one must refrain from reprimanding the country.

It is useful, then, probably not that which is usually very deliberate in the course of the accused in his last words: "There are many Arabs in this country, they all scare when they throw bombs." – He does not get further because he condemns him. judge.

Self-defense is not allowed

The district court sentenced the accused to 5 years and 3 months imprisonment and 8 years imprisonment. He is justified by a cut on his hand. Given the many involved individuals, it has not been proved beyond doubt that this reduction was made by the accused. However, he does not have self-defense for both strike and strike in the back. Significantly, there is also a testimony from an uninvited woman who said that the person who ran to the accused with a broken glass bottle was not the one wounded with a knife. The fact that the accused deliberately left the knife to prevent the victim from bleeding, also means that the offender could have considered the situation in this situation. The case of difficulties in public affairs is denied by the court. The accused was only in 2017 in Switzerland. The two victims received a satisfaction of 10,000 and 500 francs.

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