Monday , August 2 2021

The Press: Mobilezone Chief Executive can not understand rumors about breaking a dividend

He sees the reasons in the expected profit for the current year. In 2017 "our net profit was 35 million Swiss guides, we should be able to achieve that again this year, maybe even a little more," said Bernhard. He was convinced that Mobilezone would reach the 2016 profit targets. In particular, this means operating profit at EBIT level from 55 to 60 million francs.

Mobilezone is selling in Swiss branches at all levels this year (contracts, accessories, phones) more than last year, the company's manager continues. In the Swiss retail sector, the company achieved better volumes during the first half of the year than in the previous year. However, in the TalkTalk area, its own contract resolution offered, the company suffered a very heavy loss of stable network customers, Bernhard continued.

The change in Internet telephony is no longer part of "Business Cases". "We would lose here a profit contribution of 2 to 3 million francs here in the whole year, what we had expected, however," added the Mobilezone manager. Even in the online market in Germany, one would have to be satisfied with smaller margins, so that the company could compete in the market share.

With the reintroduction of salt offers since mid-September, Bernhard expects to be able to reach a larger collection of contracts again. One that will be 5 or 10 percent, but does not know; Salina leaves two and a half years ago due to differences in the conditions Mobilezone moved a turnover.

Bernhard also reveals that Mobilezone has received specific applications for acquisitions in recent years. "If someone wants to take over and that the shareholders and board of directors agree with the offer, such a transfer is absolutely correct."

Mobilezone also wants to be active as a procurement, in Germany and Switzerland. "There are various discussions taking place about possible possibilities, but we will certainly not announce any acquisitions this year," Bernhard continued.

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