Tuesday , April 20 2021

ZEW Index in November 11/13/18

Stock market moods and financial experts rose just in November.

The ZEW index shows economic expectations to a minus 24.1 points less than 24.7 points in the previous month, as published by the European Economic Research Center (ZEW). Economists interviewed by Dow Jones Newswires had expected to fall less than 25.0 points. In October, the index had fallen sharply due to concerns about worsening trade conflicts and Brexit.

The Economic Assessment Index declined significantly to + 58.2 points after + 70.1 points in the previous month. A reduction to 65.0 additional points is expected.

"The President of ZEW Achim Wambach said:" There is an industrial production course, retail sales and foreign trade to the weak economy of Germany in the third quarter, which is reflected in the decline in the assessment of the situation. " The expectations of experts surveyed for the next six months did not show any amendment. At present, they did not expect to speed up the weaker economic development quickly.

The economic expectations for the euro zone has worsened in November. The corresponding indicator rejected 2.6 points of the previous month to less than 22.0 points. The indicator rejected the current economic situation in the euro area 13.8 plus 18.2 points.

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