Friday , September 17 2021

NBA "goes beyond Brian Harden to create two entries – China Times News

Harden scored 57 goals today and magically scored two goals: he scored 30 points in 17 consecutive games, surpassing Peter Pan Bryan, Tiangou Jia Ba, Chamberlain and Hawkins. He took the seventh place in the history of the NBA.

Hardden today has made 17 out of 33 shots, including 6 three, plus 18 penalties, and scored a new high in one game this season. He scored 30 points in 17 consecutive games and became the best record of 30 consecutive scores for 43 consecutive years after 1976.

In addition, 30 consecutive Harden games and 5 assists in the game remained in 16 games, this season there were 14 disposable bills, breaking 40 points, rewriting the story of the Rockets 51-year-old one-season record.

Harden Light scored 34 points in the first half, surpassing the seventh record, played by Bryan, Chamberlain and Hawkins, but unfortunately, the number of assistants is 0, putting all the spirits in the attack.

In the third quarter, the firepower of Harden did not decrease, in one quarter he scored 12 points, the Grizzly beaten defeated, they won 18 points, they won three matches this season and won successive victories. In a warm-up match, this is a triumphal series of 7 games.

(China Times Newsletter)

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