Thursday , June 24 2021

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MPI production in the USA, Europe and Japan

American stock reporting season: American Express, Honeywell

Ex-dividends: Lianhua, Commander, Taiwan Yao, Huayan, Giant Road

Fa-speaking meeting: Compal, Shang Fan

Biden went wealthy, US stocks caught unexpectedly, and four key indicators were exhausted

Unemployment payments fell to their lowest level since the outbreak on Thursday (the 22nd) of last week, and US stocks did not change at the start of trading. At noon, it was reported that Biden planned to raise the capital gains tax for wealthy Americans. The news shocked Wall Street. The VIX panic index jumped, and US Treasury yields fell. U.S. stocks caught unexpectedly, the S&P index went red The Dow Jones fell 400 points at a time, and the three major indexes eventually closed by almost 1%, and Faye Ban fell more than 2.3%. Read the full text …

Intel’s financial report, financial test and excellent result, but data center revenue fell 20% after the market fell 2.3%

Intel (INTC-US) on Thursday (the 22nd) US shares announced the financial report for the first quarter of F2021 after entering the market, which are the results of the first quarter of CEO Pat Gelsinger (Pat Gelsinger), although the financial report and financial forecast mainly better than the market is expected, but data center revenue fell sharply by 20% compared to last year, after the market fell by 2.3%. Read the full text …

MCU is not enough, Holtek and Songhan stop ordering

MCU plants have benefited from strong consumer demand, and have recently begun to stop taking orders. Holtek (6202-TW) has officially published the message. As foundries and packaging plants report another wave of price increases that will increase by 15-30%, the Suspension will be suspended immediately. As for orders, it is expected that the number of waffle products made in 2022, provided by the factory, will be confirmed in early May, and delivery orders in 2022 will be opened. Songhan (5471-TW), another MCU factory, also decided to suspend the order. Read the full text …

Hongzong leaves VIZIO, selling shares and earnings of 434 million yuan, the participation rate decreased to 8.25%

At the end of March, the TV brand VIZIO was registered in the United States. Following Ruishuan (2489-TW), Hong Hai (2317-TW) Hongzhung (2354-TW) also said yesterday (22) that approximately 745,700 shares of VIZIO were reduced to 8.25% the benefit from the disposal is 434 million yuan. Based on Hongzhung’s existing share capital, net income per share is 0.31 yuan. Read the full text …

TSMC was the first to issue limited employee rights to new shares to stay at the ESG level

The foundry leader TSMC (2330-TW) held a temporary board of directors yesterday (22). The resolution was to engage and retain senior executives and strengthen the responsibility of senior executives for creating long-term shareholder value and achieving environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). As a result, a proposal to limit workers’ rights to no more than 2.6 million shares by 2021 was approved. TSMC has also approved a capital budget of $ 2.887 billion to be used to build mature production capacity. Read the full text …

Standard & Poor’s raises Taiwan’s debt rating, saying the economic outlook is positive

Although tensions in China could pose potential risks, S&P Global Ratings on Thursday (the 22nd) still used strong growth to support economic forecasts and rated long-term foreign currency and local currency debt ratings in Taiwan with AA – Increase to AA . Read the full text …

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