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Li Wei to GG? Poster posters, stolen trademarks, National Geographic, blow

(Update 15:26, Li Wei apologizes) New Taipei City's topic, Councilor Li Wei, has triggered a National Geographic magazine. We Wei poster poster was discovered, and the corner of the National Geographic magazine appeared in the corner. On a night, Yan Yan said in a strict statement that he would admit to Li Wei.

From the recent campaign of Li Wei, the poster is a "Urban Urban and Architecture" slogan and has full political views. Pictured, Li Wei is long and attractive, smiling and beautiful, but "National Geographic" is at the top of the poster. The "National Geographic Magazine" words have also printed on the text, and the "National Geographic Miscellaneous House" has written below. The irrelevant signs are quite awkward in the campaign, so that people can see the flowers and even see the flowers. Some people believe that the National Geographic magazine has worked with Li Wei.

The Geographical National Channel announced a statement at 9:00 on the 16th evening. "National Geographic has never worked with any candidate for a local public election this year. Recently, it has been found that a candidate has used Chinese and English Geographical National trademarks in the campaign to publish without the consent of the company. ; the company had contacted them and asked to remove the relevant articles, and claimed that he had sought legal channels.

Netizens responded "Certainly, workers are spontaneously motivated, and they do not know what I know." "I do not understand what the National Channel Channel logo wants to express … Can not it be accidentally deleted?", "He said directly, what is the candidate?" "For people, we" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" We'll go straight to the end, and then the election will end. " "Fortunately, it's not really really!" Wenxuan saw fear of me! "

Li Wei apologized at a press conference this afternoon. She said she only promoted her social housing performance, and did not deliberately quote trademarks. Due to the shortcomings in the administrative work, she was willing to apologize to the trademark owners.

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