Tuesday , April 20 2021

The largest newspaper in Taiwan in Taiwan looks forward to joining Interpol芋 传媒 TaroNews

The Italian media reported yesterday, due to the growing crime across borders, Taiwan hopes to take part in the 87th Interpol Conference in Dubai of the 18th to work with countries to strengthen international security.

The first first newspaper in Rome, Il Messaggero, published an article yesterday, identifying Cai Chongbai, criminal director of the Taiwan Police Department, to implement the purpose of establishing Interpol and ensuring that all agencies across the world cooperate and cooperate with & All. They should be in touch with each other and taiwan should not be screened.

The Messenger said that the official name of Taiwan is the Republic of China. Taiwan also called on the UN not to ban Taiwan a few weeks ago.

The Messenger said that Taiwan had shared China since 1949 and is a sovereign and independent country. However, Beijing has always considered Taiwan as part of its territory, preventing Taiwan from taking part in international organizations and thus insulating Taiwan.

He quoted the Cai Cangbai Newsletter saying that the effectiveness of Taiwan's law and order is clear to the whole world. Taiwan's lack of participation in the General Assembly Interpol will make seizures in transmitting international feelings and making those who commit vulnerable crime.

The Messenger said Taiwan had lost its Interpol membership for 34 years. In 2016, the Taiwan bid to join the 85th session as an observer was rejected on the basis that it passed China's membership decision in 1984. This year, Taiwan hopes at least Attendance of observer status.

(Central News Agency)

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