Friday , July 30 2021

The NBA / team record is low, the wizard starts to consider the sale of double switches | Basketball | News NOWnews Today

The wizard doubles John Wall (left) and Bradley Beal (right). (Photo / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

Due to the tragic record this season, the "double gun" of John Wall and Bradley Beal's wizard have been placed on the trading rack. According to ESPN's reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski, all critics have to do because the value of trading of other players is too low. This decision was made.

The Wizards has a record of 5 awards and 11 losses this season. Only 11th in the Eastern Conference can run them at the Eastern Conference. When compared to last years, they have a gap in strength. The downturn during the opening season also meant that the ambiance of the wardrobe room was not too good, and repeatedly reported the player's guilt reported.

Although the witches team still want to build around Wal a Beal, the truth is that the value of trading of other players in the market is high, and the potential is not too small, the contract is too big, it's hard to cause Interest in other pellets.

Previously, the wizard had hoped to replace two players, Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre Jr, for a star, such as Kawhi Leonard or Jimmy Butler, but such a chip did not impress the seller.

So now the wizard has begun to consider the possibility of selling "double guns", and Beal's top market value is because he not only has three points, but also younger.

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