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A new davga & # 39; late & late I do not know why.

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November 18, 2018


"DAVKA" new girl, I have to sleep late. I do not know why. I need to clear. I have a love to designate a fan.

On November 18, correspondents In the middle of the evening. Lt. Gen. Nithat Munthong, Deputy First Minister (Inquiry) Kuan Yao Police Station has been notified of Miss Davichi Horne or a "new hero" girl. Assaulters were found inside the Misstar Café by Davika, Sukapiban 5 Road, Ongkharak, Saimai, Bangkok, to explore the scene with Researchers. And stop and ban Kan Na Yao.

After reaching the scene, a 25 year old man was sitting inside the shop. I have to ask the case. But the man said to go. I can not expect to be like madman. Asking staff in the shop to know that in the same morning. The man came to the store. Drink water and sit in the shop for a long time. Even back with the night. Before the accident. The police officer invites the man to Kuan Yao Police Station to record the incident. Before leaving home

Singha Singh said the report had been reported. Know that the man is mad. But there is a passion in the "new Davi" thinking that the star girl is a fan. The shop is followed. However, the heroine does not take a crime and does not wish to prosecute.

It was reported that previous men had come to the store. This is often referred to as a young love. The police have given it the best. This is for the first time only.

Although the girl has posted that. "Last night, You were sleeping. I do not know what to do, but I do not want to go to the police to invite … midnight. # Vent"

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