Sunday , January 24 2021

Acute! Open your mind "Darkened cheeks" First place after cheating on the sale of old lottery tickets Catching News 8 – News Channel 8

  1. Acute! Open view “Chum dent”, first place after cheating by a dealer selling an old lottery |Channel 8 News
  2. Terribly! Cheek Bum Priyada got angry when he found a fake shop selling old lotteries !!Bright today
  3. “Dimples on the cheeks” are boiling! Being deceived into selling old lotteries Noah thought he would meet him.Stories this morning BEC-Tero
  4. “Chum Pum” found a merchant who was forced to sell old lottery ticketsInternet manager
  5. Chad Tueng Duang “Cheek Bum Priyada” was deceived by a trader selling lottery tickets | Zab 108 | December 1, ’20Channel 8 News
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