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Dr. Nong Kha warns about dengue fever Together cut mosquitoes


"Dengue Fever for 2 Months" … Doctor Nongkhai Warns against Dengue Fever People should have social responsibility. Together cut mosquitoes

Dr. Visnu Wittayammrang, Healthcare Doctor, Nongkhaj Province The situation with the dengue epidemic in Nongkhai Province has been detected since January 1, 2019 and still There are 265 people in Nongkhaj Province, with a diagnosis of dengue fever, which is twice as high indicators of the previous year, but no deaths. It is believed that this year has been a flash in the last year But not only in the province of Nong-Kha, the only province in other provinces of Thailand, especially in the provinces of healthcare 8, 7 provinces, namely: Udon Thani, Sakon Nakhon Phanom, Luoyi, Nong-Bois-Lam-Fu, Nong-Hai and Buen-Kang Province In patients with dengue fever in virtually every province. At the same time, many outbreaks are considered. But it is believed that Nong Hai Province is still at an average level, or No. 47 in Thailand

Healthcare departments at provincial and district levels Prepare for the prevention, control and monitoring of dengue from the beginning of the year Communicate with public health officials to require community collaboration. In order to help the campaign eradicate mosquito breeding sites Especially in areas with flashes (July-August), we will concentrate on helping people help each other in conducting a campaign to control the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. Using Important Measures In the control of dengue fever, including home storage, water storage, garbage collection, environmental protection at home. Organize the house to be airy Arii Light shines, no corner, mosquitoes do not go running, hide, store different containers. Used to hold water The water tank is used to keep mosquitoes from the state. Close the jar Close the container lid. Take care of the legs of the pantry. Water in the wake is used to respect Buddha. Water in the box on the spot Or different drainage And garbage collection in the house without having a broken container This leads to the fact that water will become a place of residence of mosquitoes Aedes This is a measure that requires cooperation with people.

Typically, an epidemic of dengue fever There will be an epidemic, with the exception of years or years, except for two years, and in that province, Nong Hai itself is the same. The situation with the disease is a general outbreak, and not only in the province of Nong-Khae. It's a national flash When we know it, we have to prepare a defense to prevent it from spreading. However, these things are social consciousness. This is the responsibility of yourself and the public. Because if you allow your own homes to have mosquitoes, there are eggs with larvae and many breeds. Mosquitoes will not bite only their own homes. He will fly to bite someone in another house next to him. Each mosquito can fly about 100 meters away, so a house that is near our house or 100 meters next to it may be able to force mosquitoes from our house to also taste it. Therefore, being a socially responsible consciousness, people need to know and help each other to protect themselves and protect their neighbors. Therefore, I would like to leave this question to parents, brothers and sisters, people who play an important role in this. How can we help to keep our homes clean? and not multiplying the mosquitoes? With a network of health partners, in support of education Help manage the patient's birth time.

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