Monday , September 20 2021

Mysterious signal from the galaxy in 1500 million light years

Mysterious signal from the galaxy in 1500 million light years

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Are there aliens If it exists … Where are they in the universe? But the evidence that astrophysicists paid great attention was a short-lived radio signal from the outer space (rapid radio-phone bursts) at the time of suspicion that it could be sent from an extraterrestrial civilization or caused by the collision of powerful space objects. objects

FRB was first detected by chance in 2007 and to this day, including And finding more than 60 locations with the sudden flashes of the last radio station FRBs, Canadian Canadian cartoon-intensive cartoon experiments-CHIME in Canada found out that flash outbreaks had another 13 radio puzzles and 1 out of 13 were repeated. From consecutive signals Noting that these radio waves arrive on our planet from a mysterious galaxy, which is about 1500 million light years old. Most of the previously detected FRB radios have a frequency of about 1,400 MHz, but the new signal is different from the original. Located in the range below 800 MHz

Most scientists confirm that it is possible that this radio signal is produced by powerful objects in space, for example, black holes or neutron stars. But another group believes that this is a testimony of alien technology, which is incredibly progressive. Which should be built to communicate or can be used to stimulate a gigantic spacecraft with light energy.

Credit: Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Test.

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