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Okay! Surveys show the young people (people never elected) 78.6% want to check cards 24 Feb 62

Bangkok Poll

Okay! 78.6% of teenagers (never elected) 24th February 2016 – 91.8% will decide on their own Focus on talented people. And vision

Bangkok Poll – November 17, the correspondent. Bangkok Poll University of Bangkok Research Center Take public opinion polls. "Youth will be elected," with 1,202 candidates for the first time. Most 85.8 per cent use social media, such as facebook youtube, following the election news. A news about political parties. 36.5% will follow the television channel and 20.8% will follow the website.

When the views of the new generation were asked. What do you think of this election? Most 57.9 per cent wanted to vote through the application. 39.6% wanted the application to show the data of the applicants in the different areas and 33.0% for the application to notify the date, time, location, location.

For the opinion on the electoral atmosphere. It is expected to take place on February 24, 2062. Most 66.6 per cent are found to be very active. Due to the long lost election. 19.0 per cent of the opinion could cause harassment. 14.4% of the opinion they would be silent. Not as busy as it should be.

.The question is that the main criteria for the election of MPs at this time. Most 91.8 per cent will decide on their own. The most widespread vision (60.9 per cent) 46.1% of respondents (46.5%) will choose those who do not have dishonesty history (7.0%), with 7.0% choosing their relatives and family members. 0.4 is chosen by friends and is chosen by a social stream.

What's thereWhen asked if the MPC would be held on February 24, 2062, will it come to this? Most 78.6% intend to go. Although 15.1 per cent will not go. In this case, the reason is that they have to work (8.7%), and then they should not be selected (2.2%) andPolitically tired (1.4 per cent), 6.2 percent still unsure.

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