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The sun's population faces black ants, as they stop at Ton Hom.


Can be named after The population of the sun I came to discover the heart of this hot site that the reason for the termination of relations has arisen since the breakScallion Since May 4, I know Blue boyEarlier from the time of the province of Udon Thani It's just brothers On the blue side, the attack was very difficult. Both are not interconnected Making it not go out and bear responsibility Ready to challenge if anyone has a blue painting at the car show will give 1 million baht. Scallion From now on will not be reconciled. Because it is already afraid

And later Sunny boy Then placed the image on a private website While he was first going to the west after watching this monsoon drama Sunny boy Posted by This evening we meet on the show, we are unfolding for the work of Aura Me Sun. This agreement works in advance for months. I want to ask not to answer personal questions. Because he already spoke about it

And the last Sunny boy He came up with a well-known list of Collisions of the eloquent MC as Black Ant Kachaphat Charoen SoDJ Dada Warinda Taking the third-hand interview Blue boy To this event Sunny boy Gave an interview saying that

Speaking of what I want to say and feel relief, we went away on May 4. He just came for an interview before I hit a shot in 1 day, because after giving up. We did not talk. Starting from the beginning of the year, January, February, but in April, on my birthday, he still has a gift to have a surprise, a better relationship. But the gloom still remains Still talking But not the same There are several reasons why he feels he is not ready to be a good ruler of the family, sometimes and many things, there are conversations and there are occasions when he does not speak. Once thought to go back to reconcile him. But there are others who come until the matter gets aggravated. I do not know how to come back and talk with him about us, 2 people, but why so many other people come

Side Black ants Asked what It does not matter where you go to buy a car Having said If someone has a million photos. As someone told me that the flat that met with Blue was a condo on the bow, Renowet told Sun to say that it was not my own condo in The Key Chaengwattana. INow BLU got SPOT, playing at the opening of the secret room, VIP-room. I do not know I'm just talking about what is happening to me, he said that what he did was hit social media, I said I do not want to read and wait for it to prove it.

Asked if there are currently people talking Sunny boy Having said Honestly, outside the industry there are several circles when we are singles, there are friends who are invited to eat, and college friends are dumb to invite us more when asked if they meet someone in front of them. Also strong

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