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Toyota C-HR Wins Top of the Year Car, 2016

Toyota C-HR won the Best Car & Year Award in 2016
New Housing Association and Motorcycle Magazine (THAI), by Mr. Phuvat Pranachinda, President of Thai Airways International. This year, there are 6 cars voted by members of the Association. Tan and the final.

1. Mazda CX-5 (Mazda CX-5)

2. MG ZS


4. Nissan Terra (NISSAN TERRA)

5. Suzuki Swift (SUZUKI SWIFT)

6. Toyota C-HR (TOYOTA C-HR)

Mr. Phuvanat Chaichinda, President of the Association

"THAILAND CAR OF THE YEAR" was organized to promote Thai automotive industry. Develop more internationally. It also leads as a guide for consumers to choose from. Comfort, Design, Safety, Environmental Conservation And most importantly, the value of the car and the value of the price is also.
Car of the Year Award, 2016

There is a panel of eyewitnesses from the automotive industry. Automotive media. Over 25 members of the Association took part in the test and voted in the decision at Suvarnabhumi Romklao Motor Sports Park on Friday 16 November.

For each judge to vote. There are 25 points for each director. To vote for the best 10 cars, only one car. All the remaining points will be distributed to the cars with the minor features in sequence. Do not vote for more than 10 cars or more. You must vote at least 5 cars. Writers must write the reasons for choosing the car and agree to the society to publish.

For the winning car Contest Prize "The best car & year 2018" is the Toyota C-HR (TOYOTA C-HR)
He voted the car as a best car in the year.
The Presiding Officer and the Board The six camps have been compiled with each other.

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