Friday , September 17 2021

Concordataya – barter solution arter – News News

Recently, some companies have to declare "concordatia" due to collection and payment problems, arguing that the basis of the problem is the reduction of cash in the market. Similarly, companies that receive their receivables can pay their receivables from cash shortages through a barter system. he said.


Chairman of the barter Weissel Simsek, "As an investment barter, Inc., we are a company that has achieved this distinction by its strong commercial activity in the chain of activities that we have carried out within the country. A barter approach, any company entrusted with the money market, with a product or service produced, may, if desired, request a debt by providing a configurational configuration.

Since companies' debts in the barter system are paid in a short time, companies can get rid of a large interest rate. In our system, each company is evaluated in its dynamics and original structure. Over the past 10 years, we have received requests from hundreds of companies for debt restructuring, and we have successfully completed our financial structuring. At present, the financial configuration of companies operating in the relevant sectors continues at full speed. In 2019, we are promoting the process of using debtor companies, "he said.

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