Monday , August 2 2021

Every year 3 million people die from COPD

Every year 3 million people die from COPD

Professor Dr. Akın Kaya said 3 million people died each year because of COPD and said: "The majority of COPD patients do not know they have COPD and this situation leads to the continuation of the disease.

Chair of the Lung Health Board and Intensive Care Society Dr. Akin Kaya, on 21 November, World COPD Day, said in a statement of 384 million people in the world, COPD and 3 million people died of this disease, he said. Professor Dr. Kaya says: If you have a smoking or have problems like a constant cough, a flame or a short breath, you can think about COPD. Not late nor early, you are at the right time. Bun


In half the smokers, COPD has developed over time. Kaya, mandam However, due to the delays in diagnosing the disease, unfortunately, lung destruction continues to be predatory for years like me under the straw Kaya. Complaints related to the disease are apparent after 40-50 years and shorten the person in a short period and reduce the quality of life. The lack of COPD breath, especially during tightening, tightening of the chest, walking or climbing stairs, clogging, breathing during wheat, the glass, cough and scorpion show itself with symptoms such as güçlük meddai.


Do you have a COPD? It will be enough for you to take a few minutes to answer the question and go to a podiatrist and take a breathing test. Dr. Akın Kaya, ed COPD is a treatable disease that can be treated. If you are still smoking or used in the past, you are now full-time to take a respiratory test if you have a connection with dust, smoke and a detrimental occupational or environmental gas. It's not too early for that, said Ne.


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