Tuesday , January 26 2021

Gold prices rise in gram and quarterly gold after the decision on the interest rate on November 24

How did the decision of the Central Bank affect gold? What happened to gold as a result of the Central Bank’s decision? What are the November 24 gold prices and expert comments? Will gold fall or rise?

We continue to share with readers the last minutes of the golden news from the Grand Bazaar. Gold prices, which reached very high levels due to the crown virus and peaked in August, have continued to rise and have been declining recently. With the decision on the interest rate announced by the Central Bank, the decline in gold accelerated. On the other hand, citizens are concerned about exchanging or buying gold before entering the weekend, according to the latest information. So what are the last minutes of the golden numbers from the Grand Bazaar? Gold prices today, November 24;

With the last trading day of the week, each segment of society is interested in which graphic gold will work. At the last minute, the amount of gold decreases. Gold prices have risen as a result of the coronavirus epidemic and see the peak of history, but with news of vaccines and the decision of the interest rate from the Central Bank, the decline in gold has accelerated. With the announcement of the CBRT, gold prices have almost bottomed out, if you look at recent history. How much are gold prices on November 24? Here are the details;


As a result of the decline in gold citizens, how much was a quarter of gold? How much was a gram of gold? How long does a 22-gauge bracelet last? They started asking questions like. We have made six prices for you with expert comments.

In connection with the US presidential election, rising interest rates of the Central Bank and the development of the coronavirus, the dynamics continues within it. Quarterly gold prices are falling. The latest situation with gold prices is as follows:

The purchase price of the 22-year-old bracelet is 426 Turkish lira, while the sale price is fixed at 431 Turkish lira.

ATA GOLD, on the last trading day of the week, is 3 thousand 34 Turkish lira, and the selling price is 3 thousand 127 Turkish lira.

REPUBLIC GOLD today, November 24, the purchase price is 3 thousand 34 lira, and the sale price 3 basket 128 Turkish lira

If FULL GOLD for a long time exceeds the range of 3 thousand, the purchase price is 3 thousand 034 Turkish lira, and the sale price – 3 thousand 125 Turkish lira.

HALF OF GOLD The purchase price on November 24 is 1,517 Turkish lira, and the sale price is 1,561 Turkish lira.

QUARTERLY GOLD purchase price 758 Turkish lira and selling price too 783 Turkish lira.

GRAM OF GOLD purchase price and sale price 466 Turkish lira


Citizens who buy gold for investment purposes have also begun to study whether gold will decrease or increase. Although investors and various buyers closely monitored gold prices, experts assessed investments in gold as risky during this period. He stressed that this is a global crisis, and said that investing has risks in the short term, but gold will also provide profits in the long run.

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