Tuesday , June 15 2021

He used antibiotics randomly to attack his environment!

Istanbul Bakirkoy Dr. Cenk Kilic and Ozlem Devrim Balaban, Department of Psychiatry, Medical and Neurological Disease and Neurological Disease Research Hospital, Mazhar Osman, said the problems caused by the unconscious use of antibiotics through the experiences of a 29-year-old patient. It was found that the young woman who admitted the emergency psychiatry department with complaints of abusive, abusive, and manic supposition has caused the use of antibiotics.

& There were defaults & # 39;

In the literature, in particular psychiatric cases were similar to foods following the administration of intravenous antibiotics, and the patient's situation was explained as follows: as there were shortcomings. According to the information obtained from his wife, the first psychiatric application. No use of alcohol or any other psychoactive substance was identified. Oral antibiotics were used, 2 hours after the emergency application complained, due to the environment with the help of the police due to the behavior of the emergency psychiatric unit to the unit. Treatment is used to the patient

After 1 hour her complaints were resumed and her effect was sympathetic to her mood. There was no general medical problem. We learned that she had taken antibiotics a few hours before she reached the emergency room. He was experiencing a mania episode as a side effects due to the use of antibiotics

Bill can damage the brain & # 39;

Dr. Atilla Bektas says: Olive antibiotics, in some cases, cause direct neurotoxic effects on the individual, damaging the brain. There is scientific evidence that the use of numerous and regular antibiotics leads to an increase in anxiety and depression. Assoc. Dr. Orhan Murat Koçak noted the importance of using the right antibiotics and said ot The side effects of bacteria against antibiotics should not be forgotten. Such medicines should be used with a doctor's advice. There may be side effects and some may not be prevented


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