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How do you refute conspiracy theories that say that "traveling to the moon is a fake"?


The Apollo 11 Lunar Module is approaching the MoonCopyright
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The Apollo 11 Lunar Module is approaching the Moon. Some people think that all this is "delivered".

In July 1969, the first landing on the Moon was observed by millions of people around the world.

But there are still those who insist that people never step on the moon.

According to NASA, the US Agency for Space and Aviation surveys the rate of 5% of those who believe that landing on the moon is a fake.

Although this ratio is low, it is enough to keep alive conspiracy theories.

Movement "Cheating of the Moon"

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Bill Kaising, who died in 2005, is considered to be the founder of the Fear of the Moon movement.

Proponents of the theory of fraud allege that the American space program in the 1960s did not have the technology to go to the moon.

When they realize that NASA can not do this, they say they have set off for the moon to take the lead in the space race with the League of Genealogies. They remind us that the Soviet Union was at the forefront of the race at that time, and that even one of the surveillance instruments landed on the surface of the Moon.

News that question the famous words of Neil Armstrong "A small step for me and a giant step for humanity yansı repulsed the truth, began to circulate as soon as Apollo 11 returned.

However, this movement received its impetus when journalist Bill Caseing wrote and published his own book, "We Never Went To The Moon: An American 30-Million Rate."

Kaising was a journalist who worked in the Public Relations Department of a NASA-based business.

The book offered many abstracts, which will later be used for those who do not recognize the moon.

& # 39; Airless & # 39; American flag pulsation & # 39;

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Scientists say that fluctuations in the flag are actually wrinkles made by Armtrong and Aldrin while sewing the flagpole.

One of these theses was "evidence", presented by photographs. In photographs on the surface of the Moon they talked about the lack of stars in the background and the emergence of the American flag in an airless environment.

Michael Rich, an astronomer from the University of California, says that this theory can be refuted by scientific explanations.

Rich said that the flag could be wrinkled by the force Armstrong and the astronaut Buzz Aldrin put on the surface of the Moon, and that he kept this form, since the attraction on the moon was six times less than the earth.

Sky without stars


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The darkness of the sky is the result of the reflection of sunlight from the surface of the moon.

Another visual key that uses the denial of the moon is that there are no stars in the sky.

In fact, the photos have something in common. Extreme contrast between light and dark.

But why? Brian Koberlein, a professor of astrophysics at the Rochester Institute of Technology, explains that the Moon's surface reflects sunlight, so it looks very bright in the photographs.

This luminosity completely destroys relatively less light stars.

That's why we do not see stars in the Apollo 11 moon travel photography photos, because the light of the stars is too weak.

"Fake traces"

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The absence of an atmosphere on the moon protects the feet of Neil Armmont and Bazz Aldrin on the Moon.

The conspiracy theorists also focus on the steps that people leave on the moon.

They argue that because of the lack of moisture on the moon, it is impossible to take characters' photographs, such as those of Bazz Aldrin.

However, Professor Mark Robinson of the University of Arizona denies this argument for scientific explanation.

The surface of the moon is covered with a layer of stone and dust, which is called "regolith".

This is what layer and it's easy to clip when you click on it.

Robinson emphasizes that because the moon has no atmosphere and therefore a wind, its traces will remain the same for millions of years.

"Astronauts die from radiation"

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The popular conspiracy theory is that the radiation bands around the Earth kill astronauts.

Here's another look at the conspiracy theory: radiation bands all over the world are being used by astronauts.

The so-called Wang Allen belts are formed as a result of the interaction of the sun and the magnetic fields of the earth.

In the early stages of the cosmic race, radiation was the main task of scientists, and they feared that astronauts would be lethal to dosage.

However, according to NASA, the Apollo 11 crew spent less than 2 hours in the Van Allen belt while sailing to the Moon, where they remained only for about ninety minutes when radiation reached its maximum intensity, that is, they did not spend enough time to suffer .

The photos of those who are left refute the conspiracy theories

Photos taken by the Moon Observing Satellite (LRO) and published by the NASA show, where Apollo 11 landed.


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Photos of NASA 2012 show the remnants of the Apollo 11 monthly module and other scientific instruments.

Photos taken by a car that was in orbit from the Moon since 2009, provide significant evidence that the Moon is actually being visited.

The photo shows traces of Apollo 11, where he landed, even the remnants of the lunar module.

The LRO also showed that the flags of the crew still stood and revealed the shadows of the flags on the ground.

The only flag that still does not stand is the Buzz Aldrin flag, which says that the engine has been thrown over by the exhaust module.

Why did the Council not join the conspiracy theories, if the Moon did not actually go?

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Despite the fact that races were defeated in racing to become the first country on the Moon, they never doubted whether indeed Apollo 11 really landed on the Moon.

Although the aforementioned conspiracy theories have been refuted, it is still very popular and widespread.

But it is true that there is enough scientific evidence that Neil Armstrong stepped onto the Moon on July 20, 1969.

The question often asked by the conspiracy theories is; If all this is fake, then why the Union of Genealists, with the United States, in the midst of the Cold War, trying to send people to the Moon, jump on these conspiracy theories?

Former NASA historian Robert Launius says: "If we did not land on the Moon, and this was a fake, the Soviet Union had the ability and motivation to bring it out.

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