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Last minute! The hotels were threatened with fires evacuated in Izmir


The tourist district of Menderes-Ozdere district, known as the district, exploded 22.15 hours of fires. having decided to arise from friction of electric wires to each other in the forest zone, the fire spread in a short time with the effect of wind.

Following messages from those who noticed a flame, teams were sent. 5-star hotels in the area where the fog threatened to rest in some hotels, began to evacuate teams.


The fire brigade of the municipality of Menderes first intervened in a fire. After the rapid spread of fire, the team of the fire brigade of Metropolitans of Izmir and the group attached to the regional forestry administration were transferred to the region. 38 fog, 4 bulldozers and fire brigades began to interfere with the floor.

Izmir-Kusadasi road was closed for traffic through fire. Extinguishing works are ongoing.

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2 hotels are empty

The Mendirese district of Izmir began to grow, taking into account the wind of forest fire, Mender Mustafa Mustafa Kayalar made a statement on the fire.

Mayor Kayalar said that holidaymakers in two hotels that are threatened with flames were evacuated for the purpose of prevention and said:

The first fire intervention took place at Osunderin in the Kumhuriet area at 22.30, as the commands of the municipality of Menderes, Izmir, the capital city, with the Izmir and Izmir firefighters, immediately began interfering in the fire. Through the dark airplane and helicopter, fire intervention can not be made at the time of traffic closure. Unfortunately, our national wealth, our lungs are burning. The guests staying at the hotel were evacuated for discretion.

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