Monday , September 20 2021

Lucescu, such a name, "brain of East European football" Fenerbahce has suggested!

It was announced that Lucescu will be the head of Fenerbahçe during the expulsion of Coca. On December 9, Romanian technical man Ali Koch has raised rumors about Lucescu's rumors. Joan Lupescu, who was on the side of Lucescu during this meeting. Lucescu, UEFA's first consultation between Loupezza's Ali Koch, a genuine European football that represents the brain, Fenerbahce told him of the benefits.

Comology has no relation to the translations

The official statement is currently being made to stop the demise of Damien Komolli It is expected that Fenerbahce will officially … Terraneo's status and 800,000 euros to try to compensate for the compensation of the French sports director, President Ali Koch has reportedly tore all the contacts Tricks

Ali Koch and Semih Ozsoi are transferred from the country for a transfer from abroad, and Ali Koch uses power, but only Scout Comology believes that the task of sharing statistics with the leadership performs the task. He is not engaged in any other business.

Comology explorer with the coming roads

At the same time, another surprise coming from Comology was held, and it was discovered that the agreements concluded before January, with four names that were not known but considered the new Fenerbahce spy, were not elongated. These names are made for 6 months of transactions, according to the exercise of the right to continue and stop Fenerbahce reminded.

At the moment, one of Turkey's Fenerbahce 1 Comolli also named the names of the intelligence explorer, a scout where two Turks in Germany were registered to stay with the club of friends.

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