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Mevlid Kandili messages 2018 – Mevlid Kandili will be realized through worship and prayers! Here are the most beautiful oil lamp posts

With the arrival of Mevlid Qandili, millions of Muslim citizens will open their hands to Allah and meet with prayers. Prayers to read in Mevlid Kandili, citizens will explore worship for hours and evenings. On this important day, the mosques will be full and the citizens will hear each other with the most beautiful oil lamps. We have produced the most beautiful, short and meaningful oil lamp messages that you can share with your friends and friends. Here is the worship of the candles' night and wonderful prayers for reading.


Although there is no clear statement about the worship of the Mevlid Kandil, Imam Suyuti, a scholar of 14th century Islamic scholars, summarizes the following:

Evi People reads for the Mevlid-to Nebevi and read the Qur 's, Hz. The prophet's news (a.m.) about the wedding / menkıbeleri voice, food arrangements in this context bida-i hasenedir / bidat hardd. Because, at these Hz meetings. Muhammad ( has great joy and respect and great joy for his presence on earth. This makes a great reward for the owner.

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Come and gather a night, to read the kasid mevlid, to eat sweet things to eat, to live and to make harassment, so, to perform the night of the night there is a sense of pride. Donating homage to this night is giving Salih-like dresses and presents. It would be very scary to Allah. In the community of Mevlid, collecting the righteous, reading salevat, feeding the poor is always good.

Mevlid society, charity, gifts, to show joy and joy, without haram to read the Mevlid kasidesi very well. In this evening, prayer prayers are made by scholars as an alternative suggestion.

Tonight, it's very busy to read, listen to and learn the miracles of the Prophet. Today or the next day there is no disadvantage to accelerate. Good to catch, Sevab would be. Islamic scholars gave great importance to the Mevlid night.

Although we are talking about the birth of Prophet Muhammad, he's not enough to read Mevlid alone, to say hymns and to distribute the oil lamp. Remind the birth of its birth, the purpose of it all, the risks, high morality, assurance, justice and accuracy to remember and apply in our lives to renew the decision. Hz is the only way to give love, satisfaction and forgiveness of Allah Almighty. The way of the Prophet to go. In the Qur, it is said as follows: (From Muhammad!) Say: & # 39; If you love Allah, obey me, Allah will love you and forgive your sins. Allah is the most tolerant and merciful. Etmek (Al-Imran, 31) As stated in this verse, it is possible to thank God, obey your Doctor and follow his example.

We should read at least one of the Prophets (saas). I'll say it completely, Esh salatü and s-salam aleyke or Messenger ".

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We must pray and obey in AIM to Allah. Because prayer is the key to compass gates, a spirit of service and the essence of worship. Unique individual unlimited and endless power of the image of the oppression of God to God, to relax in him and to hold, what he or she asks him to ask. Here's the most direct way to accessing the creator. A grave with the imperial and tertiary Rabbi is a prayer, limited, limited and unemployed, who calls Mevlid-i Mutlak to attend. Beyond the meaning of prayer and serving worshiping profession, ALLAH is the most deepest refuge of the Lord and God's deity.


Wonderful days and evenings; It has an indispensable place in our lives. Fortunately, we are in joy and happiness with each other the night of the Prophet's birth, which is sent as a mercy to all the worlds. The birth of the Prophet has brought compassion and beauty to mankind by turning light into light. Humanity has been honored by reaching our Prophet. He is the best example of all beauty in the most public way.

"If I did not create lands," the excitement of the kindness of the dear, dearly beloved of our beloved soul in the birthday of the birthday of the blessed and the benediction.

Today, two Cihan serveri, leader of the Islamic religion, the Messenger, beloved Allah and Prophet, Prophecy Prophets. Happy birthday of the arrival of Muhammad. Örnek Fe was sent to complete luxury morality, he said, Prophet Muhammad, for example, is a proud day and thanks to being an area for the ummah. Those who are at the heart of our dear prophet Muhammad are the ones who are righteous, fair, fair, fair. Hapus Mevlid Kandili …

We are happy to reach the Mevlid Kandili, the birthday of our prophecy (SAW) birthday. Efendimiz, the mercy of the worlds, has turned the darkness of humanity and the lives of humanity to light and ignorance. Mevlid Kandili, his holy life and the holy teachings of our religion once again understood, reflecting on our soul should be an opportunity for us all. In the wonderful nights that we value as a society, we must pray more about the continuity of our unity and unity as a nation and nation, and we must evaluate the importance of this beautiful evening. We should consider this evening as an opportunity not only for ourselves but also to welcome the people of our scope. Good wishes …

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Hz. We have reached the happiness of realizing Mevlid Kandili, the anniversary of the presence of the world of Muhammad (Saas), again in the sense of unity and relationship. The wonderful grandmother, sent as a merciful to the world, is one of the most important events in human history. Dealing with thoughts, hearts and souls in a period when humanity suffers from depression; the dear prophet that communicates the spiritual world that will dominate peace, peace, brotherhood and beautiful morality; He has illuminated a humanity way with his lifestyle, his words and thoughts. Wonderful Mevlid Kandiliniz.

Even the idols who are dedicated to all kinds of evil, and the idols who were determined to kill us, have forgiven us by showing us an example of compassion and compassion, and I have been born our great prophecy is very important to humanity. Therefore, our Prophet (seven) is our Prophet (saas). Muhammad Mustafa (S.V.) Honorable to the world of this evening is well understood. I would like to congratulate all the believers on Mevlid lanterns. I pray this night to the believers to be the key to the goodness of our Almighty Lord, our love and deepest respect for the people of the people that I offer.

Hz. Muhammad, sultan and heart, ignorance with the example of ignorance and guidance, not just nation or nation, but as a prophet sent to all mankind. In this evening where spiritual feelings rise to the highest levels, we hope that our prayers will be accepted in the name of our families, our country and country. I wish Mevlid Kandili, having come true from these feelings, brings peace and happiness to the whole Islamic world and I congratulate Mevlid Kandilini from all the people with the heart.

Hz. From the beginning of Adam, the last divine revelation that conveys the divine revelation to the anniversary of our Prophet, the anniversary of the birth of all humanity, and that there is no peace.

The birth of the Prophet has brought mercy and beauty to mankind by turning light into light. Throughout the history of mankind that lasted thousands of years, the last of the series of prophets, the peace religion, our amazing prophet Muhammad, who revealed Islam, came in Muhammad. I wish Mevlid Kandilini be an occasion to bring love, peace and tranquility to all humanity from our people Mevlid. I wish the prayers and prayers to be held in this wonderful evening are accepted at the right level.

Mevlid Kandili, a person who focuses on all the beauty that makes human beings. Muhammad's birth (pbuh) is celebrated, life is a period of revitalizing beauty with Morals. Happy Birthday with Mevlid.

May mercy, Allah blessings be with you, let your heart not disappear, your face is lit, let your office, Firdevs, accept your prayers.

Your table is tasty, your money is fertile, your decisions are correct, your home is friendly, your heart is compassionate, your body is healthy, & # 39; your face happy, Mevlid Kandiliniz Mubarak.

There is a lamp of laughter for loved ones, bringing you smiling from them so sincerely to be so sincere, even tears turn your tears. Wonderful Mevlid Kandiliniz.

Your fortune is as clear as your eyes, your fate is as beautiful as your appearance, you hope as close as possible, tomorrow so happy with your love , your love is as sacred as Mevlid, he has your prayers as you like.

Looking, many wishes are in the name of love. There are hearts that do not count even the death. If distances are set together, what comes out are the hearts of prayer. Your Blessings

The spirit of love and love with the stamp stamped, with the heart of the holy cause of joy, excitement of excitement, enthusiasm and thanks to the magnificent people of God who has been knitted with notes, blessed oil.

We accept your prayers, your actions are acceptable. Your peace of mind Mevlid Kandiliniz Mubarak Be. Hopefully this wonderful evening, we have a hard time; but when we're full of hope for the future, it will cause to wake up. May your wonderful …

Our troubles are so small as sand grains, our joy gets as much as the April rain. May your splendid evening be full of mercy. May your wonderful be blessed.

Leave your feyzi in these days, your mercy in the past, your blessing to your home, our light, our home warmth. May your wonderful be blessed.

There is a lamp of laughter for loved ones, bringing you smiling from them so sincerely to be so sincere, even tears turn your tears. May your wonderful be blessed.

Looking, many wishes are in the name of love. There are hearts that do not count even the death. If distances are set together, what comes out are the hearts of prayer. Good candles.

May the mercy of Allah, blessings be with you, your sun will never disappear, your face is lit, thanks to you, your office, Firdevs, accept your prayers. Happy Birthday.

Tonight, with Allah's love, like Mevlana, returning to tonight, when it came to peace and the rest, this poor man is tonight. Tasty candles!

Today, your heart is open to the sky. Mevlaya, today as many sins as possible, today is the most hidden pearls about her hair because today there are oil lamps, blessings to be blessed.

This beautiful sun, let it touch your heart, nightends go away from you, the angels stand at the head. The sun is born to such an evening that your prayers will be accepted, our lantern is blessed.

Hopefully this wonderful evening, we have a hard time; but when we're full of hope for the future, it will cause to wake up. May your wonderful be blessed.

Good candles that wish to accept all your prayers in this wonderful day when the hands reached a prayer, the eyes opened to friends and the eyes looked for innocent.

But the emotions are rising to the sky, in the high memory, in the eyes of the tears, to the thirsty lips, hands have opened. May your wonderful be blessed.

Since you want you to fall under the charm of the oil lamp, which comes from the rain like clouds, empty up on your skirt and give us happiness. Nice oil lamps.

Heart-hearted candles in the heart of the heart and heart of the love of the sun on the horizon between the eyes of friends in the hearts.

Rose is a love crown, every spring spring is crowned. He laughs that he reminds him of Muhammad. The laughter will cheer. Lovely loving oil rolling roses.

Outstanding in eternity, compassionate, fair The Almighty Allah does not turn back those who pray to him. Do not bless blessings when your prayers lead to the spirit of the Lord's spirit.

Your fortune is as clear as your eyes, your fate is as beautiful as your appearance, you hope as close as possible, tomorrow so happy with your love , your love is as sacred as Mevlid, he has your prayers as you like.

Will you pray to us if we could give you the loyalty of the nail, the loyalty of the hyacinth, the pride of the tulip, the happiness of the cork? May your wonderful be blessed.

The grandson, the amineur, the wonderful evening, the bride, the eyes, the Yasinler …


From my Lord, who controls all the universe, gives life to every living thing, and acts in every way.

With the language of the universe as a whole, the number of particles you have created and the praise of those who praise you, praises you and the language of the whole universe; We are sending to our Lord Muhammed Mustafa (s.a.v.) er salât and selâm) by many and greetings of Muh m donors and sellers.

Our Almighty Lord, Who created the world of nothing. We have come to the door like earth in the world, on the night of this wonderful oil lamp; We turned you from before you, we fold our neck, we ask you to be disadvantaged.

You say in the verses:

"Oh Muhammad! If my servants ask you about me, of course, I'm very close to them. I accept prayer and prayer when they pray. Then they should follow my invitation and believe in me that they can find the right way. " Here is the call for your faith in this call, we are constantly, we want to accept our prayers.

What about the holy world? You are the one that we did of nothing, you are the creator, we accept it as such. You can use us, God, Lord.

We know two administrators and believe in his prophecy, we will support him in the country, you can be with us from us or Lord.

We know the believers as siblings by complying with the principle of your sovereignty of self-reliance e.

And Lord! Love us when they love them, they eat where they eat. Try to get to know our friends and enemies, Rabbi.

(O) God, the Lord! You give the property to whoever you choose, and you'll accept it to retrieve. He will glorify who He will be and who will fall. There is kindness in your hands. Certainly, you have power over everything.

O Lord! We believe. Pardon us our faith, protect us from the fire. And the Lord.

Let us and our brothers have believed in advance! Do not put grid against those who believe in our hearts! And forgive us the generations that will come after us.

O Lord! Give us the promises you gave us to your messages, and do not disturb on Resurrection Day.

Our Lord! We believe that you have downloaded it, we followed your messenger, so write it with those who testify us.

O Lord! After you lead us on the right path, take our hearts from us, forgive us mercy from us, surely you forgive us, Lord.

O Lord! Do not overload us as you put on the predecessors. From our Lord we can not afford to move things. Let us, forgive us, have mercy on us. You are our Mevlana, help us against those who do not believe. And the Lord.

… Our Lord! Give us the best in the world, and in the Book, the good one, protect us from a fire torment. And the Lord.

Our Lord! Your knowledge and mercy have all covered. Encourage and forgive people who follow your path; Protect them from hell torment. Our Lord! Give the believers and their fathers, their wives and descendants of those good in the heavenly pleasure that you have promised; Surely you are the strongest, the wise. Protect them from evil! If you're defending something bad from that day, you will definitely be a pity on it. That's the big relief. Let us have great salvation.

Earth terrestrial! How can we live with faith? In our last breath, the Word-to Sahhad; (Here you go) ize Eşhedu ella celalah andallah allah and Ashhedu enne Muhammadan abduhu and Resuluh abd word-i say our sentence to come to faith with the phrase Elah or Rabbi.

We call all the club's shortcomings e Estağfirullah el Azim ullah.

our prayers; Prayers received, sparkling elders among us, innocent children, and those who are on your side, respecting those who remember the Lord, adhere to the Lord, sticking to the Lord! Amen

A ahiru de "vahum enil hamdu lillahi o Lord the Lord, ham El Fatiha"

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