Friday , June 18 2021

‘Scene that marked the creation of the Ottomans: Osman Bey announced Bala Khatun, who would marry Malhun Khatun.


Bala Khatun then replied and comforted Osman Bey: “Osman Bey! You say Sheikh Edebali’s wishes. He is my father. He knows my heart best. He knows what this decision means to me. He knows best.” If my father says he should marry Malhun Khatun, what can I say without him? Let him marry. Osman Bey, why do you bow your head to him? Take his heir. “


Production by Mehmet Bozdag; The 58th episode of “Creation of Osman”, directed by Metin Gunay and starring Burak Ozcivit with the character of Osman Bay, also attracted a lot of audience attention and was one of the most discussed social networks.

The Ottoman Organization, the 59th serial trailer … “Then I’ll take out his lung and throw his carcass in front of the wolves!” | Video

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