Monday , September 20 2021

Signal from Saudi Arabia to reduce oil production

Saudi Minister of Energy Khaled Abdulaziz al-Flahi told the CNN radio company that he had not seen a major economic downturn.

Al-Falha, who said they decided to cut daily oil production in the same manner, "We regularly collect and control markets (with OPEC member countries)." Expressions used.

OPEC exporting countries and producer countries that play an important role in determining oil prices reported that from January 1, 2019, Vienna will reduce 1.2 million Barrels per day in Austria at the 7th City of Aralca in Austria.

In the framework of the decision to reduce the daily oil production of non-member countries of the OPEC and non-EU countries, Saudi Arabia announced the release of 500 thousand barrels a day, 228 thousand barrels of Russia, and Iraq – 139 thousand barrels.

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