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The Azerbaijani army is part of Kalbajar, which has been under occupation for 27 years

11/25/2020 00:09

The Kalbajar district of Karabakh was handed over to Azerbaijan in accordance with an agreement signed by the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia on November 9. Kalbajar, which was joined by the Azerbaijani army, is known as the largest and oldest region of Azerbaijan with an area of ​​3050 km2.

A statement from the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said that the Azerbaijani army had entered Kalbajar in accordance with the ceasefire agreement signed between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The statement said that the mountain road on which the army will pass has been cleared of mines.

The Azerbaijani army is part of Kalbajar, which has been under occupation for 27 years


According to the signed Karabakh agreement, the last military units of the Armenian army that evacuated Kalbajar were withdrawn from the region by blowing up barracks and other military structures.

A representative of the Armenian Mechanized Infantry Command told a RIA Novosti correspondent that the distance with the Azerbaijanis is 12 kilometers. The representative also said that they dismantled the leading checkpoints in the mountains and blew up the rest of the barracks, so that the Azerbaijanis had nothing left.

Armenian soldiers were evacuated before the buildings were blown up. It was reported that senior army officials monitored the destruction of structures.


After the liberation of 5 urban centers, 4 cities and 286 villages as part of an operation launched by the Azerbaijani army on September 27, Armenia accepted defeat and signed an agreement promising to evacuate the occupied provinces of Agdam, Lachin and Kelbajar.

As Armenia failed to evacuate Kelbajar, which was to be extradited on November 15, taking an additional 10-day period from Azerbaijan, it undertook to hand over the occupied territory on November 25.

Armenia, which left Agdam on November 20 due to a ceasefire, will return Lachin to Azerbaijan by December 1.

Kelbajar, in the west of Azerbaijan, on the Armenian border, in the northwest of Nagorno-Karabakh, was occupied by Armenia in 1993.

The Azerbaijani army is part of Kalbajar, which has been under occupation for 27 years

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