Sunday , May 16 2021

The first object for the production of Russian vaccine was found

The Turkish pharmaceutical company CinnaGen has announced that it has signed an agreement on the transfer of technology and received the necessary certificates for the production of the Sputnik V vaccine, developed in Russia. CEO Ferhat Farshi gave several months for the first production.

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Health Minister Farettin Koca said 50 million doses of Sputnik V would arrive in Turkey within six months. The Turkish pharmaceutical company Viscoran, which acquired the rights to the vaccine in Turkey, also said that the production of the vaccine will begin in the relevant institutions in the coming months. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) is responsible for the production and distribution of the vaccine.

Speaking to Jasmine Salih from around the world, CinnaGen CEO Farshi, “If everything goes well in a few months ‘Made in Turkey’ We will make a stamped Sputnik V vaccine and send it to Russia. ” said. The company’s plant is located in an organized industrial zone in the Cherkezkoy Teikirdag area.

Will be sent for test

Stating that they had received the necessary certification as a result of inspections in January 2020, Farshi explained the process of compliance with the RDIF as follows: “When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the agenda, we had to postpone production targets a bit. Meanwhile, RDIF and Viscoran visited manufacturers for the production of Sputnik V vaccine in our country. They also visited us. We were already specialists in the production of biotech products, our infrastructure was ready. RDIF wanted to reach an agreement with us shortly after the visit. In the process, we agreed with RDIF and Viscoran to produce Sputnik V to benefit our country and to have our salt in the soup to end this pandemic as soon as possible. “

Farshi said the plant received a certificate for the production of a vector-based viral vaccine, including Sputnik V, in March, and that all materials and supplies, including the main cell bank, had been shipped from Russia for technology transfer.

Each batch produced at this facility will be sent for testing to the Gamalea Institute, which is developing the vaccine in Russia. Vaccines that will pass the test will be available.

There may be problems

Noting that at the stage of production there may be problems in the supply chain, Farshi continued as follows: “We work on disposable technology. The supply flow problem that is now happening around the world is also an obstacle for us. This is a problem that will affect the release of the vaccine. If all goes well, we will make the Sputnik V vaccine made in Turkey in a few months and send it to Russia. “

10 million dose capacity

Explaining that today the production has 10 million doses of vaccine, they plan to increase them four times in six months, minced meat, “Production will be transferred not only to Turkey. We want to export vaccines and biotechnology products worldwide ” said.

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