Saturday , July 31 2021

The secret of Sell's House empty & # 39; have to solve!

Sıla, who allegedly had used violence against him, had separated from him, while he drew attention to the famous song, Ahmad Empty House, who wrote about the famous actor, commented.

Although the song since Canda Doomsday brings Okan Can Yantır to think, the Lar Bloodshed departments were the precursors of the future battle.

Ahmet Kural, who finished his 8-month girlfriend with Sıla Gençoğlu, at the beginning of this year, stated in his statement that we thought differently, frightened my friends and did not respect my ancestors, said she. The famous actor, Sıla made him a song and that's how they're harmonizing.

According to the Newspaper Calendar; In the time when they were apart from Ahmet Kural, the popular pop singer Okan Can Yantır wrote a book of the Empty House for Kural name. In this song, Blood pour, if you're dead, & # 39; The psychic words of the successful popcorn at the time were open.

Allegedly the event night; The Rule was mad as Sıla admitted he was living with Okan Can Yantır, which was seen in March last week.

Lyrics & Vacations House & # 39;

The following knowledge of fate
Hand help
Canda has a fire of apocalypse
This bottle is tonight
Sparrow's bowed her throat
Call and leave the audio voice
Let the heart enjoy it
Blood has lost
If yes, you're dead.

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