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Title of sympathy to Metin Türel – TRT Spor

Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and the Trabzonspor club with the Turkish Football Coach Association (TÜFAD), Turel Tweek of the Turkish Turkish football so a message of sympathy released.


In the message published on the Galatasaray Club website, we learned with the deep sadness that the death of our council council member, Metin Türel, who has been wearing Galatasaray's costumes for many years and has been working as a man technical for many years. We pray for mercy from Allah, and offer our sympathy with family, relatives and a Turkish football family. "The statement says.


In the opinion of the Club, the following statements were given:

"The seasons and football team, 1973-74 and 1980-81, the technical director of the football team, Turkish football was a goalkeeper and technical man who served for many years as an interesting treasurer of Metin Türel & 39: in, learned that the deceased. We extend our sympathy with loved ones and the football community. "


In the message published by Fenerbahce, "Turkish football is the very incredible names of the Metman Türel in the world lost in the sad lives that have been learned. Mercy to the Metin Türel deceased, thank you her family and relatives are grateful, "he said.

Work for

In the sympathy message published by Trabzonspor Club, we have learned with great sadness the fact that Metin Türel has passed, one of the most Turkish football coaches who played in Trabzonspor in the 1987-1988 season. condolences "phrases used.


In the message published by TÜFAD, the following were recorded:

"We have lost the Turkish head of football, our big master, the teachers' mentor, the main consultant of Metin Türel. Our teacher, who has been treated for a long time, died in hospital, and drawn up so far. We extend our sympathy to the community. "

Adana Demirspor and Adanaspor have released sympathy

The death of Metin Türel due to the Tota Sports Sport 1st Adana Demirspor and Adanaspor Sports teams has also released a message of sympathy.

In the message published by Adana Demirspor Club, it was reported that Türel's death was learned with great sadness.

Message, "Adana Demirspor is a legendary fentor of the news of death of our hearts We have learned with great sadness. Democracy and Turkish football to the great efforts of Metin Türel, the mercy of God, our sympathy with community, our family and loved ones want patience. " The statement says.

In the message published by Adanaspor, "The Turkish Technical Director of a National Team, a Turkish football, whose most interesting Metin Türel has moved from hospital, has Dying in great boredom learns that the deceased God is the mercy of God to the deceased Metin Türel, his family, every love and We express our sympathy with the family of football. "use the expression .

The Metin Türel funeral will be buried at Zincirlikuyu Cemetery on Sunday (18.011.2018) following a funeral prayer following Sunday's prayer in Moscow Levent Istanbul.

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