Monday , July 26 2021

We are not so bad!


The National Team continues to lose a height with great speeds led by Mircea Lucescu. With the loss of Sweden, the B & W League League team failed to give light before the EURO 2020 group group stage. Lucescu, the architect of this poor painting, sat again on the target board. Romanian coach, the game came to Turkey 16 National Team since taking over from Fatih Terim. Lucescu, who had the chance to win the prize, won a score of 5 times, won 5 times and 7 against other games. With 16 goals in 16 games with Lucescu, our nationals scored 25 goals.

Hiddink also passes

Looking at the technical team's history of the national team, it was worth noting that domestic technicians were more successful than foreigners. Lucescu's national team at the beginning of 8 official games, the average score of 1,14 points in these games, while the precursor of Fatih Terim's 1.65 remains well behind average. Guus Hiddink, the overseas team before the Lucescu national team, has won a more successful average than a Romanian technical man. Hiddink, who had 12 games and 1.50 average points, could not take a country to the European Championship.

Best of all the Sun

Şenol Güneş was the national team's most successful coach in terms of average score over the past 30 years, with an average of 1.86, and his third in the 2002 World Cup remains in mind. Ersun Yanal had an average of 1.77 points in the national team after the Sun, and the highest score was taken by the coach. Yanalıı, followed by Fatih Terim in the second season, which gave the team a semi-final excitement in the 2008 European Championships. In the last 30 years of the national team, Abdullah Avci's most unsuccessful domestic technical man was which had equivalent to 1,16 points in its 6 games.

& # 39; Defective & # 39; he says

Although Lucescu fails, almost all domestic technicians who served him ahead and more successful results in the national teams are doing championship accounts at the Premier League. Fatih Terim, Galatasaray; Gunol Senol, Besiktas; Mustafa Denizli, Kasımpaşa; Abdullah Avci, M. Başakşehir, wants to end happily. One of the biggest technical dynamics of the Romanian man is that he has given the new task to the young people and complaining about the disadvantages of the players in the misreason team after the bad results.

Serdar, Hasan Ali and Hakan were removed

Ukraine and Romania will be doing a special game in Antalya Town National Football Team, Serdar Aziz, Hasan Ali Kaldirim and Hakan Çalhanoglu are due to injuries being removed from the squad. Serdar Aziz Island, the left islands of Hasan Ali and Hakan's leg, said the injury left the camp.

The referee promised a penalty

Marcus Berg, a Swedish attacker, said: As an interruption in the first half was a penalty. I asked the referee (Istvan Kovacs) to do this between the circuit. Bulundu If there is a penalty, I will give two penalties in favor of Sweden, the word he says is surprised by the explanation, one of us. Has the adjudicator helped?

34 could not find what you were looking for

The UEFA MFA team Mircea Lucescu's football team crashes in a cluster, the team has not been able to find the ideal staff since the day it is apparent. At the start of the month-star team, the 34-different players of the Romanian technical man, who had eight official games, gave. Lucescu Oguzhan, Cenk played eight games in all the opportunities, followed by the names of seven games in the sixth game with Hakan and M. Topal. In La Liga, our Enes Unal representative was shocked to see he could not take any time in eight official games.

Oğuzhan was missing!

Turkey's first game at the beginning of the Ukrainian displacement V. Babacan Sener, Serdar M. Topal Ismail Cengiz Ozan Emre Belözoğlu, Hakan, Tolga Ciğerci and Cenk 11 who prefer Lucescu, while the game is played in Sweden After 13 months It only Cengiz, Hakan and Cenk of 11 gave the try the opportunity. Lucescu's removal is in line with the Ukrainian and Croatia before the system takes the squad on the basis that the staff, but then attract intense public pressure attention to the Staff invited to play Oguzhan at each meeting.

If they want, I'll!

After each game in the national team, Mircea Lucescu claims to let the road be thrown away. This time, after the fall of the star month team in the League of Nations, he began to write similar scenarios. Aykut Kocaman and previously mentioned for the national team after signature A. Konyaspor, the first name to play on the door was the sun. As a matter of fact, Lucescu, who has responded to statements outside the field as much as the results of the field, has already ruined his credit. The Romanian technical man's TFF annual fee is already 2.5m euros compared to Fatih Terim.

And with him in qualification.

However, before the Swedish game, "We have held a huge generation," said TFF, President of Yildirim Demirören, who will continue with Lucescu. Yesterday there was interesting development. I talked to Lucescu at the Ramada Plaza in Konya medya of Daniel Nanu's social media account. He explained to me that he will try the young players in the Ukrainian game on Tuesday and if he is decided to give him the best after this game, he said.

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