Monday , September 20 2021

Who wants to become a millionaire Murat Yildirim, laughs at the crisis issues

The difficult moments of Murat Yildirim in "Who wants to become a millionaire" … Murat Yildirim began to laugh as soon as he saw this question.

Who wants to become a millionaire in the 60-thousand-pound contest for scanners, Murat Yildirim has to read the question himself, laugh laughing at a time when the studio could not get it.

He tried to repeat the question again and again.

The best in the pitted beetle-millionaire question is Murat-713560_7060_5_b

The second time reading a question, a successful server could not keep the audience looking for moral applause. For Yiddimir, for the sake of the contestant, they decided to read the questions again.

"According to the study, the kind of scarab beetles, according to the weight of its weight can be pulled out, a person weighs about a few pounds of 70-pound weight lifting" at the end of the issue, reading the problem smoothly, "applause me, please," he added.

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