Friday , July 30 2021

Hadramout: Graduation of the first batch of women's police in Mukalla

Hadramout of the Sunday government saw the first graduation ceremony of women's police at Al-Hibber Hall in the City of Mukalla under the plan to implement and develop the security sector in Hadramout and funded by the United Arab Emirates and in the presence of the Director General General Security and Police Directorate of the Frigate Hadramout Munir Karama Tamimi and Colonel Ahmed Hassan Ali Al Al Ali Director of Passports at Al Rayyan International Airport, and Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Baloushi, deputy representative of the Ministry of Union of UAE in Hadramout and Chair of Ali Saeed Alian, Director of Public Relations and Moral Guidelines in the security and police of Hadramout Coast.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the General Director of the General Secretariat for Security and Police, Brigadier General Munir Al-Tamimi, expressed his happiness for the grading of 50 female police officers who enrolled in a theory training course during which they had received search lectures, arrest, arrest, criminal investigation and investigations, Other lectures, which set the first cornerstone of women's women's security ideas, which will contribute to strengthening the security and stability of Hadramout and improving its safety by women's security qualified.

The Tamimi Brigade expressed thanks and appreciation to the United Arab Emirates for his efforts in developing the security and military system and supporting the areas of life and humanitarianism in the Hadramout state since the first access The Arab Coalition forces forces to the province and released from the Al-Qaeda attack and returned security and stability in the region and provided a lot of reliable support in all security and military sectors And service & # 39 ; emphasizing in the context of his speech on the need for women's security staff commitment in the official continuity in each department to distribute to them.

In turn, the deputy representative of the Interior Ministry of the Ministry of Defense of the UAE, Lt. Col. Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Balushi, greeted and congratulated the leadership of the Interior Ministry of Arab Emirates to graduates who passed the arrest and inspection cycle to join the fieldwork to serve their people and government. The military can maintain the security and stability and retention of public and private property.

The General Director of Security and Police attended Maj. Gen. Munir Al-Tamimi, graduated ceremony for his efforts to implement a safety role and to give the girls the opportunity to serve Hadramout and contribute to the development and development of their children. For the development of the security system and the content of the female element.

At the end of the ceremony, the graduates were honored with certificates of appreciation for passing the course with each skill.

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