Monday , July 26 2021

Rakeitch's injury brings her back to Barcelona quickly

DUBAI (Reuters) – Croatia's coach Zlatko Dalić has refused to keep Ivan Rakic ​​in the squad and return to Barcelona after suffering injury to Spain, and the Mundo Deportivo said daily.

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Rakić was injured during his country game against Spain and was replaced by a player to assess his injury and was immediately dropped out of the camp for the next game of his country against England.

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The newspaper confirmed that Rakic ​​had decided to return to the Barcelona club to recover the injury and to determine his absence by the team, especially as it is essential elements that are currently unimportant.

For his part, coach coach Ralco Dalić Krajice did not have Rakitic seriously injured and his departure from Spain's meeting was careful not to understand the problem he felt .

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Raquetich is not worried about the control of Barcelona, ​​especially who will not take part in the next game against Atletico Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium due to a red card against Real Betis in the last round of the Spanish League.

The Barcelona medical team evaluates Rachic's injury for rapid return to the green carpet, as it is an essential base for Sergio Busquets and Arthur Milo.

Ernesto Valverde made a strong middle field including Sergio Busquets, Arthur Milo and Ivan Rakic, so he does not want to lose a player of how much in the next stage.

Barcelona knows that it has to maintain its base as far as possible due to pressure on the Spanish League, especially as it loses many points when qualifying for a round of 16 Champions League.

Barcelona is trying to tackle the problem of the negative results in the Liga competition, especially for small and medium-sized teams, while bravely appearing against the big teams such as Real Madrid and Sevilla.

Barcelona is the top of the Spanish league board in leading their group in the Champions League, which includes Inter Milan, PSV Eindhoven and Tottenham Hotspur.

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