Friday , July 30 2021

Reports: End a famous club club of Saudi because of its AIDS driver's injury

Press reports revealed that the competent authorities recently stopped the club's former president's services in the western region of Saudi Arabia, until the presence of his driver, who had been infected with "AIDS" to & # 39; I sent out of the country.

According to the "Urgent" newspaper, the Jarol police station received official letters from the competent authorities asking for the suspension of the services of a businessman, who was previously the presidency of a famous club in the West region, until he finished his attacker, after discover her injury and a woman with HIV.

According to the sources, the driver's wife had already completed her travel and had already left the country, but the husband was postponed and avoided traveling;

The woman was infected with HIV according to the newspaper after being transferred from contaminated blood during surgery outside the Kingdom, discovered by Saudi authorities during – later renovating her home, which was asking her husband to be subject to medical tests to prove that the virus has also moved to him, according to Newspaper sources.

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