Monday , August 2 2021

Special packages for "happy" owners in the global village

Between Happiness and Happiness A common denominator always gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy a time around the global village, which, in conjunction with the Police of Dubai and happy card staff, has launched a special package for those with a maximum of 4 pack per person

Best deals

The global village confirmed that the cardholders can buy a package specifically designed for 199 land, with a real value of 500 land, and includes 28 tickets of 15 dirhams, a Carnival card and a circus for 100 dirhams, in addition to the «Shiki Mankees voucher» Discount of 20%. The Global Village has always indicated that it is always trying to offer the best offers in collaboration with the notable partners and that the offer is available at the customer service center near the Porth Byd, every day From 4:00 pm to 11:30 pm from Saturday to Wednesday, to 12:00 midnight on Thursdays and Fridays.

Great success

The village delivery card, which has been very popular since its launch on November 18, which will allow families and card holders to spend the best time in the village for a great deal of money, stating that from season 23 many unexpected.


On the other hand, the global village saw a great response to the concert held by Samira Said singer last Friday and thousands of people came to the theater to take part in singing, especially as it was Here is the first time to participate in the global village activities within the concert schedule in conjunction with «Rotana», which contains 17 singers in 15 concerts that were distributed on season 23 in after table prepared in advance. Samira Said published a picture of a concert in the international village by counting on "Entagram" and said: "One of the best nightmare evers. The" Diva "appears as it was called during the A distinguished and youthful ceremony, wearing black Jacquard embroidery, and the audience interacted with her throughout the ceremony.

The Moroccan singer sang one of the best songs, the most famous "Super Man," who recently performed and succeeded in gaining great success and won the audience.

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