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The national cadre of Masdar uses clean energy solutions globally

Al Hajjar (Abu Dhabi) said

Abu Energy Future Company (Masdar) is trying to attract, support and refine an Emirate talent, with the workers of the Emirate serving 80%.
To support the development process at all levels, the Masdar Human Resources team has launched a number of skills development programs, including my Careers Program, which aims to motivate all employees to improve their careers and set clear goals for their career prospects.
Masdar has helped many young professionals at the start of their careers by offering them a variety of opportunities in the company. Young Leaders is one of the most important programs offered by the company to new graduates. It attracts and develops united Arab talents and gives them the opportunity to play roles. Leadership within the company in the future.

Business Development in Shibok 1 (Union)

External opportunities
"I started my work in Masdar about 10 years ago after finishing my studies in finance and banking, and then studying strategic management at the University of the United Arab Emirates," said Fatima Al-Shayji, asset management and project management director in the clean energy division of Masdar. The Strategic Planning Unit to take part in the preparation of the overall strategic plans and budget of the projects.
"After joining the Clean Energy Department, I started to learn more about the nature of Masdar projects, and I began to establish relationships with global strategic partners, with technical expertise, before I was assigned to Shams Energy in Dhafra as a finance director For two years, reinforcing my experience in managing operations, and has integrated into other Masdar companies. Fatima notes that the experience gained from working in these local projects has benefited from other projects outside in the country.
"I have started to follow the financial issues of the Shipok 1 wind energy project in the Republic of Serbia, scheduled to complete in the first half of 2019, with 158 MW, the largest wind energy project in Serbia and Western Balkans, Co-ordinating links between Masdar and stakeholder in Serbia and strategic partners. The project contributes to improving the role of the United Arab Emirates in the field of clean energy.
Fatima is working to explore various funding opportunities for Masdar projects, as well as pursuing excellent business opportunities in the Balkans and Eastern Europe.
Fatima believes that the most important aspect of the work in Masdar is the enthusiasm of the company to empower the women of Emirati and the company believes that the real capital is investing in a national cadres, noting its enthusiasm on field-based project visits, Shams 1 "in the Dhafra area, and other projects of« Masdar ».
He explained that the encouragement of his parents was the real reason for his success in his work, and he emphasized his enthusiasm to put an example to her children to suffer many difficulties. He emphasized that he encouraged his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Prince of the Abu Dhabi Crown and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Armed Forces, his work, under the direction of HE Dr. Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Masdar, has contributed greatly to the development of his skills and to work-based performance.

Dadgun Power Station Side (Union)

Wind power
Hussain Mohammed al-Meer, a project manager in Masdar, said he had been working in Masdar since October 2015 and had moved directly to Britain to carry out the implementation of the Plastic Power of Dadagone Power since the beginning of construction until it current operation. 8 years as the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) responsible for strategic planning and asset management.
Hussain believes that the idea of ​​Masdar's work is inspiring and encouraging to young people. He urged his desire to explore new areas and work with new partners to join Masdar, which allowed employees to work on their projects worldwide and deal directly with partners to exchange Information and experience, adding that he is currently studying for a master's degree in economics, energy and environment at London College, having acquired a master of technical engineering from Abu Dhabi University.
Hussein emphasizes that Masdar projects in the UK have confirmed the company's ability to use large-scale renewable energy projects and has contributed to strengthening the situation of the United Arab Emirates in the field of renewable energy worldwide. The list includes the Masdar projects in the UK alongside Dadagon, the world's first wind power station, developed by Masdar in conjunction with Statoil and London Matrix, one of world's largest wind energy plants, 630 MW.
"The words of Her Majesty Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Prince of the Abu Dhabi Crown and the Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the UAE have always been inspired and the youth of the country must be best ambassadors Overseas country, Management support and encouragement in Masdar has also helped him a lot in his work.

Leadership roles
Amna Zaabi, an analyst in the Design Management Department of the Masdar Urban Development Department of Masdar, said she was keen to work in Masdar before she started her undergraduate studies, through her passion for sustainable development and sustainable urban development, as soon as he finished his studies in civil engineering, and then gained a master's degree in urban planning by the American University of Sharjah.
He explained that Masder's experience had been inspirational for her since childhood, which has continued to date through her interest in applying for recycling, rationalizing home-based energy and keen to adopt sustainable habits. He noted the importance of supporting parents in their work, especially in the light of their vision. They are in the right place that suits their potential and ambition.
Amna also benefits from the Young Leaders program as well as the Masdar Steering Program, which helps to prepare Emirati staff to take leadership roles in the future. Amna explains the nature of her work in the Sustainable Urban Development Department. It oversees the design of the buildings from the vision period to the delivery period. Each building in the City of Masder requires a minimum of 3 pearls in the Estidama program.
"Masdar recently launched, in conjunction with Ras Al Khaimah Municipality, the villa piloting initiative to promote energy efficiency and build more sustainable residential fillets within Ras Al Khaimah, As part of the Ras Al Khaimah Urban Rehabilitation Program, support the 2040 emirate renewable energy efficiency strategy and the United Arab Emirates's wider strategy to promote 40% energy efficiency by 2050.

Professional future
Saif Aref Al Taie, Data Analyst, Sustainable Urban Development Department, has benefited from various Masdar programs to motivate workers to improve their careers and set clear goals for their career, such as My Career, through ongoing dialogue with their managers. This leads to practical and realistic plans to help achieve their career aspirations, as well as the Young Leaders program, which attracts and develops the talent of United Arab Emirates and gives them the opportunity to take a role leadership in the company in the future. And publish within the «pioneers of success» program.
He explained that he had joined Masdar two years ago after completing his MBA, Marketing and Finance course at the University of Colorado in the United States. He expressed his ambition to spread the concepts of sustainability in construction and encourage developers to implement sustainable buildings that contribute to energy conservation And water compared to traditional buildings. In terms of the characters that influenced his life, he said that the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is an inspiration for him since childhood and his father is an example of his work.

Programs that have been targeted
The Masdar – Successful Leadership and Supervision Program – is one of Masdar's targeted development programs, providing staff with mentors who can help to qualify for future leadership roles.
The HR team launched the initiative "Pioneers of Success – Exploring New Horizons". This is a notable program for middle level managers, with 20 employees at Prifdar taking part in a training course that included a 18-month curriculum in association with the Harvard Business Foundation.

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