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The time of light blue at night is associated with diabetes


The study showed that exposure to only one hour of blue light at night, increases blood sugar levels and increases the desire to eat high-sugar foods.
The research was conducted by researchers from the University of Strasbourg and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.
Previous studies have documented the effects of blue light on LEDs, LEDs, smartphones and the risk of obesity. Studies have shown that retinal cells are sensitive to this blue light and transmit information directly to the brain that regulates appetite.
In a new study, the team watched a group of mice exposed to blue light for one hour at night, and compared the situation with another group of mice that were not exposed to this light.
They found that only an hour after exposure to blue light at night, blood sugar levels were elevated and the level of male sugar mice was increased, which is a warning sign of diabetes compared with another group.
"The effect of blue light is annoying at night," said Dr. Masis Vargas, Team Leader. "Increasing the use of monitors at night can increase our tendency to use foods that are rich in sugar and disrupt the ability of the body to treat it, especially in men, which can lead to the development of diabetes.

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