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at the junction of genres – Autorevoy


Baojun brand, created by Concerns General Motors and SAIC for the production of massive and inexpensive cars, is going to invade an unusual segment for itself. Today in China the production of a new Baojun RC-6 model, the large front and rear elevator bike, is compared to the creators of the coupe-like crossover BMW X4, although there is no question of direct competition, of course.

This is really a great car: the length – the same 4925 mm, that Mercedes E-class! And in width (1880 mm) and height (1580 mm) the Chinese sedan it even slightly exceeds. Although the wheelbase is even smaller than Toyota Camry (2800 mm). The over-the-counter decor is surprisingly modest – only black lining on thresholds and bumpers. But the declared road clearance – as much as 191 mm!

Liftback is built on a modular R platform with a transverse engine location, which was first tried in the past year by the Baojun RS-5 crossover. This "trolley" has McPherson racks in front and a multi-rig rear, but from the former platforms of the SAIC concern differs, above all, in variability and modern electronics. But a full-drive transmission is not yet foreseen: leading only the front wheels.

The Mercedes-Benz Salon has a wide front panel bezel, with two 12.3-inch diagonal displays each. One is responsible for the devices, and the second one for the media system with advanced online functions.

There are whims in the options list. For example, the Baojun RC-6 can have an electric door, an engine start button, a combined seat trim and an adaptive cruise control, but the climate control is single-pole, the auto-driver is only in the driver's window-lifts, and so enjoy in China the sunroof is not at all provided. However, for the brand Baojun even such equipment in the wild.

Liftback has the same set of units as the crossover – this is a petrol turbocharger 1.5 power of 147 hp, a mechanical transmission or an option variator. The company has not yet announced more powerful engines. But the Baojun RC-6 should be inexpensive, although the exact prices will be announced in the fall. As a consequence, the third car on the R platform is expected – the compact Baojun RM-5.

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