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Djokovic drops off Anderson, Zverev abolish Federer. The leaflets for the Final Tournament rounds – Betting

Roger Federer – Alexander Zverev

Zverev will win at least a set for 1.68

The maestro started the tournament completely unsuccessful and almost no opportunities missed Nishikori (for the first time during his final performance, he lost 0-2), but already and went into & # 39; r playoffs even from the first place. "After the game, the coaches offered:" Relax, spend the day with your family and go to the court happy, "said Federer after the first round. The rest of the meetings look more fresh, more confident and less inaccurate, but this was hardly contributing to the methods of working with specialists.

Fed gave 34 Nishikori points with unexpected errors – an unprecedented scary, which is almost impossible to repeat. This is one of the reasons that were defeated in the first game. Roger corrected the mechanisms and in two other meetings acting more carefully (in the game against Team 11 enforced, with Anderson – 14), but then the competitors helped, contributing 58 point to Switzerland with errors.

Roger Federer

Roger FedererGetty Images

Federer does not show an excellent tennis that they are used to see from, and with a more or less equal opponent, it will fail – it is unrealistic to travel without serious consequences of opponents' mistakes in each game. The game against Zverev is a challenge where a tennis player will come against Switzerland, who can fight, win alone and not smear in simple situations. Based on the state of the players, personal meetings and platforms, the collection is: it will be a fair opportunity. Germany, who pulled out of the party in five of the seven games (even two of them in the Hopman Cup) – a real competitor for the battle with Djokovic for the title of the Final.

Novak Djokovic – Kevin Anderson

Total games less than 20.5 for 2.28

Before the start of the tournament, it was considered that Serbia was one of the unhealthy favorites, and after the group stage, they both crashed last – the cup would go into the sky and receives a massive passion victory by Novak. Joker gathered in the quartet very dangerous competitors, but everyone was shocking and very bad at court. Of course, the main reason for three wins without losing the set is the level of the Serb game and hungry mood, but not all that.

The problem with Zverev, Cilic, and especially Izner was that the men were playing boring and predictable, and here are the main components of success against any peak. Djokovic, in principle, is very difficult to surprise, and when someone on the other side of the court counts solely on the service, and after throwing the ball gradually to the other half, & # 39: The question arises: what did you count, my friend?

Novak Djokovic

Novak DjokovicGetty Images

Of course, Izner and Anderson are players of level and mindset a bit different. Especially in recent years, when Kevin has reached the top 10 and several times reaching the finals / finals of the majors. At the same time, they are connected by the type of rough: the flow as a strong side, and the actions in the rally – so weak. There are games when Kevin shows his opponent from behind (for example, Nishikori in the group), but this is an exception – the game against Tim Kay confirmed that 0: 6, 1: 6 from Anderson deserve South Africa, but his helplessness.

Djokovic played great at the reception against Izner and would repeat the same thing as Kevin. Against Anderson, the cover will be combined and very slowly (as stated by Federer) – to Nole on such a ball even more manageable.

Federer will not make the final, Nishikori will leave the group. The main allocations for the final ATP tournament

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