Friday , April 16 2021

For Zinchenko, the Premier League offered another crazy money club – president of Ufa

Alexander Zinchenko and Josep Gwaridola / Getty Images

CEO Ufa Shamil Gazizov reveals some details of the transfer of Ukrainian football player Alexander Zinchenko to English Manchester City.

"The most expensive conversion in the history of Ufa? Alexander Zinchenko, although it could be sold much more expensive. Sasha just wanted to go to Manchester City. Another Club of the Premier League offered crazy money, it was a lot of interest , but I'm not sorry. From Ufa to the City is a great development for us.

How did Zinchenko ask him to let her go to the City? Simply: "Kamilich, I want to Guardiola."

He kept the story for a long time. We know of interest in Zina. Initially, discussions had been a couple of months, and last three months – the real activity. Some information slipped, but we tried to stop it. When the transfer happened, nobody believed! Everyone thought it was a kind of confusing fantasy. Similarly, the province is totally unpleasant. We are still not disclosing information about the transformations ", – quotations of the Ufa President Championship

Note that Alexander is playing for FC Ufa in 2015-2016, and then went to play in the English championship.

We will remind that Alexander Zinchenko who had earlier received the best mark among the defendants in the game against Shakhtar Donetsk.

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